Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh Sooo Soft Angora!!!

I have been doing a lot of dyeing and spinning of my stash of angora fiber. First I did a little test batch of unspun fiber to see how it would respond to the dyeing process and it was successful, I had beautifully colored spinable fiber! It's so completely soft and luscious to knit with that I think I am nearly spoiled for knitting with anything else.

I dyed these in soft blue and robin's egg blue to use in a Christmas Stocking knit along that I'm currently working on. I've used the blue for the cuff and it is heavenly! I'm knitting the stocking in frosty blue/green colors with a little chartreuse mixed in for good measure.

Here's the Sky and Sea blend that I dyed to go with the alpaca I've dyed in the same colors. Alpaca and angora, two of my favorite fibers!

I had a mix of dyed angora that I had bought early in my fiber stashing days and it included some yellowish fiber that didn't go with the blend I wanted for my yarn, so I picked it out and set it aside. It was just a smidgen, so I added some cream colored angora from my stash and over dyed it all in a sunny yellow. This was the first unspun angora I dyed as a test. Once I saw that it didn't felt/mat up, I went ahead and dyed to my hearts content, as you can see by the photos.

I hope you're enjoying your fiber as much as I am!
Have a great week! Blessings Friends!

1 comment:

  1. Got you hooked on angora. Great.
    It is one of the most wonderful fibers to work with. Many are afraid to try it.

    I tried to coment on the slippers for mum. If made larger and felted would be great boot liners.

    The page won't display I tried several times. I know it is on this end though.

    Happy halos to you.


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