Saturday, December 27, 2008

Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk

It's so easy to get overwhelmed with all the talk of global warming, pollution and landfills that are growing at such an alarming rate that the Harry Potters of the future will have to figure out where to magic the refuse to if they plan to live on this planet.

I'm somewhat amazed, not angry, mind you, just startled and surprised, that more people aren't pitching in to do their part. I think it might be too overwhelming to know where to start, or how easy it can be.

Here are some of the ways I recycle, a few years ago I canceled all my magazine subscriptions because I found I wasn't always having the time to read them, plus I might not be interested in the entire issue. So now I check it out when it hits the news stand, buy it if it looks like a "goody" and when I'm done with it I pass it on. I save my old magazines and interesting catalogs (with my address removed) and I leave them in the waiting room when I bring my Mom to her doctors appointments.

If I've bought a book that I thought was a keeper then found it was just "so-so" off it goes to be donated to the library where lots of eyes can read it. As I'm reorganizing my books, I'm finding a lot of books I want to re-read and some that I can pass along to make space on my shelf and share with others.

Donate your gently used professional clothing. In our area we have a place called the Women's Resource Center and you can help by donating nice clothing that could be worn in an office environment like dresses, skirts, blouses, nice accessories etc., here's the link: You most likely have something very similar in your area too, check it out! You'll love all the extra closet space and the good feeling you have knowing how much you have helped!

OK, I HAVE to say it...if curb side recycling is available in your area, take advantage of of it! It's free in our area and by taking a little bit of time and separating out my recycling vs trash. I am only putting out about ONE bag every other week!!! The rest is recyclable or compost-able (This summer I got one of those black compost bins for yard waste and vegie scraps.) and goes into the backyard compost bin. I want to appeal to people who like to save $$$! It's so nice to know that those items I saved from the landfill will be recycled plus it saves me the cost of bagging it and having them haul it away for future generation to deal with.

I love green thinking, I love the idea of stewardship of the planet. These are just a couple of ideas. Everybody has an impact, to do nothing would be the equivalent of if all of we friends were sitting at a table and someone spilled a glass of milk, and we all just sat and pretended not to notice...and did nothing

But of course, hopefully that is not what happens, we are too responsible for that.
One friend picks up the overturned glass of milk.
One friend gets a towel to blot up the milk.
One friend cleans the tablecloth.
And so it goes, one act of friendship lends itself to another, little by little, big by big, all it take is action.

Blessings friend!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Yoga Quest

For awhile now I have known I should find a beginners yoga class. I love the mind, body, spirit connection, I really do. I used to take private lessons a few years ago, and it's harder than it looks, but satisfying. Now I think I'd like to be more involved in group meditation, so I've had my feelers out for a class. Right around the corner from me is a little studio that teaches classes, but the couple of times I've stopped, they were closed. I am someone who pays attention to signs. I really believe in spiritual guidance, so I take the hint, this place must not be the right place for me. I ran into the same thing with another lead I had, it was closed when I got there, plus I discovered it's affiliated with a church I don't know. I continue to hold the idea in mind, thinking I know of another studio to check out. Before I can do this, while waiting in line at the post office, I see that the man behind me has collected his mail and right on top is a yoga magazine! He looks like a yoga guy and I would really like to ask him abut the magazine and if he's taking classes somewhere, but I know it will sound flirtatious, like some sort of lame post office come on. So I let the moment pass.

Then the other day when I sent out the snippet to all my friends who I thought might be interested in the blog, my friend Pam was glad to hear I like spinning (I like both types spinning, the exercise bike type and spinning fiber to make yarn type, though I was actually referring to the fiber type of spinning in my intro. I really need to practice both a lot more!!!) I told Pam that I am always looking for healthy activities when she invited me to come to her spinning class with her. I also mentioned my quest for a beginners yoga class. She said may have some leads.

So why is Melissa telling the yoga quest story, you may ask? I just wanted to give a little peek into how I (mostly try to) let things work in my world because I like to observe what I refer to as everyday miracles. They're there for everyone, these everyday miracles. The great thing about them, I've noticed, once you begin to acknowledge and be thankful for them, they become more and more abundant. So I notice a little seed idea is planted and I pay attention to it. (seed=yoga is a good idea for you, find a class) usually I know it's an important idea because it keeps coming up. Then I wait. I wait for the universe (via God of course) to lead me to the right spot, right place, right people, right time. It takes time sometimes, but I have learned about time. I am always accepting the universe cannot be rushed. Not if you want the best results possible.

Here is the thread I will dangle, it will be interesting to see if cool, urban hippie, yoga guy from the post office turns up in which ever yoga class I end up in, because it seems like too big of a coincidence for it to be just random don't you think?

Blessings Friends!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Knitters Candy

Boy oh boy do I love a good notion! Stitch markers, needle cases, bags and baubles and everything in between, plus the zipper pouches and bags to organize them all and tote them around! So when I was at the card store and I saw this pretty pink little business card holder, I had to figure out a good reason to buy it! Though truthfully it was not over budget at $6.95. Not at all! Now everyone who knows me, knows my love of pink, so of course I went straight for the sparkly pink number...ahh, shiny pink. What could be better? Well I had something in mind for that card holder, I thought it would perfect for my point protectors. Much like stitch markers, it seems they tend to disappear and right when you urgently need one...nada. Or maybe you can find one or two, in the wrong size! Now I'm not saying this little card holder turned point protector holder will change your organizational habits, but I will say this having the proper tool at hand, very nice. Something pretty and useful at the same time makes putting your tools back in the same spot sort of satisfying. (is my nerd showing?oops.)

So check it out! I removed the elastic bands, though you would not have to, I just liked the look better without the black elastic in the way.
It fits perfectly in my little notions pouch and looks so appealing. I jokingly popped it open and offered a fellow knitting friend one, as if it were a candy! Stitch markers, row counters, point protectors...They are candy, knitters candy!

Have a great week friends!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas In Any Language

We find ourselves again in this busy holiday season of rushing around, filling every moment with doing... buying... cooking...baking…buying some more... zipping around, and in general filling every moment with a mad dash to the big finish line. Which of course is, getting it all done in time for the big day (whichever day it is that you celebrate.)

Which brings me to my story, a couple of week ago, I had the nicest day. One of those days where all the stars and planets align and all the right people come together, and it's a great day. Nothing flashy, or glamorous, just the right and true, friendliest, best kind of day that gives you a spring in your step! My day started out at the post office where I was able to walk right in, first in line and collect a parcel I had missed on delivery. No muss, no fuss, a quick stop for coffee to go, then it was on to City Knitting, where I have been joining this really nice group of knitters for knitting and visiting on Saturdays. They're the best I really enjoy they’re company and then of course there is all the beautiful yarn!!! Lorilee, the owner and everyone that works there is so helpful and welcoming. Plus it not too far away, how lucky am I? Normally I would stay a lot longer and knit nearly all day on a Saturday, but this particular week was the once monthly meeting of a craft group I have been going to and I was excited to spend time with my craft friends too! On the way over to the big craft-o-rama, I remember, Oh yeah, they're holding an order for me at Spirit Dreams, it's right on the way, I'd better pick it up! I love Spirit Dreams, it's this great little store in East Town where you can get all kinds of interesting gift items from all over the world. If you’ve never been there you should check it out, it’s got a neat little metaphysical vibe, not over the top, just the right amount of “cosmic.” Anyway, I love this one kind of incense they carry and every time I go in to buy more, I always take the last of whatever is on the shelf. The last time I was there I decided to order a dozen packages, so that other people could enjoy it too and I could still have a nice little back stock. So here I was at the counter...I just stopped in to pick up this one thing mind you, no looking around because I have to dash off to get to my craft-a palooza, and I noticed these little sparkly Christmas ornaments. They are tiny and silver and shiny and miniature, so of course they caught my attention immediately! What I see are little boxes no bigger than three inches long by about an inch and a half wide. The tops of the boxes are embossed with seasonal messages. They were all pretty much self explanatory, the box embossed with winter wonderland, for example contained tiny silver ice skates, a silver penguin and a silver snowflake, each laced with a pretty satin ribbon perfect for hanging on the nearest tree! But this one set, it was a real puzzler. Now remember, this all took place in about two minutes, so give me some credit in advance please! On this particular set, the lid was embossed with the words, Merry Christmas. Inside were three pewter popsicle stick shaped ornaments, like icicles I suppose. They were lined up in the box horizontally and on each one was a series of indistinguishable characters interspersed between completely recognizable holiday shapes like candy canes and Christmas bulbs. I squinted at those through a haze of ribbons…and I could NOT make any other sense out of them than what popped out of my mouth next. OH! Does this say Merry Christmas in Hieroglyphics?

No.” The Shopkeeper, giggled as she looped one up on her finger and dangled it vertically for me to read. “ It says Merry Christmas in English!”

WE LAUGHED! You have to know that place, for all I know it could have been ancient rune or some such thing! Hieroglyphics…I was still laughing when I got to the craft-a-palooza.

Ahhh, what a great day, thanks to everyone that made it possible!

Clickclick…..clickclickclickclick…, for those of you who don’t speak the lingo, that’s Merry Christmas in squirrel!

Best wishes,

Your Squirrelly Friend Melissa

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