Saturday, August 25, 2012

Red And Black Flap Hat

I was so excited to have an actual real-life sized project to post about this week, then somewhere between Thursday night and Friday Morning, I decided that Friday was only Thursday! When I did realize my error, blogger was going through one of its difficult periods. You know how it goes, I would get my picture where I wanted it, but the text was uncooperative and showed up as underlined no matter what I did, then while I was fuddling around trying to fix photo DISAPPEARED!!! I thought to myself, ok blogger, I surrender.

So today, I bring you my Fiber Arts Friday Post, a day late, but I am determined to get back into my habit of weekly posting. My brother came over a week ago to do some handyman type things for us and he brought his assistant, my great nephew. He is an excellent helper and we also sneaked in a little visiting time. He asked me if I would make him a flap hat, of course I would, its one of my favorite hats to knit! So we discussed all the hat details, he was very specific, especially when it came to, "How long it would take me to make it?" (Give me three weeks please young sir, because I need to find and order the right yarn, plus time to knit) and, "How would I get it to him?" (If you are unable to make it down for another visit, then I will mail it to you)

Here's where I am so far with the hat, it's a fast knit...unless you keep ripping back rows to make design changes. Because of this,  I managed to extend what would have been a good, one night project. I've had to set it aside for a couple of days to do some tiny doll knitting for my shop, but I am in the home stretch as I begin the decrease rounds for the crown shaping, so once I get the chance to sit down with this project again, (hopefully) I will be in the home stretch and a happy young man will have his red and black flap hat!

Blessings Friends, have a great weekend!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Lock Spinning- Micro Sized

I feel like my life has been topsy turvy for the last few months, I have been really out of sync. In an attempt to claim a little of myself back, I present to you a very scantly spun bobbin. It may not look like much, I'm spinning Wensleydale cross lamb locks, but it's a good beginning. And as they say, a good beginning is half done.

Have a great weekend, blessings friends!

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