Friday, December 30, 2011

Snow Faerie Hood

I've wanted to knit a hood using my Winter Wonder art yarn for quite some time, but first I needed to work up a pattern. Pictured is my Snow Faerie Hood which I knit using some of my juicy, extra special yarn stash I've been hording for a couple of years, it's Colinette, Prism, in the colorway mushroom, a fitting color for a Faerie hood. I love the comfort of a hood, which is gentle on the hairdo, while still keeping you cozy and warm.

It looks cute with the edge folded back a bit too. My model here is the Greek goddess Eirene, the goddess of peace and of the season of spring. She used to be one of my garden sculptures, but lacking enough garden space, she has lived indoors these last couple of years. (And I don't think she minds it a bit.)

I spun a huge 10 ounce skein of my Winter Wonder art yarn this week and now that the pattern is complete, I will use it to knit a Snow Faerie Hood..or two! I'm excited to see how this knits up into the hood. It's a pretty palette of colors with lots of sparkle and texture.

Oh Boy!!! This cake of art yarn is all measured off and ready to become a Snow Faerie Hood in the very near future. It felt so good to card up a batt and spin it just for me, it was a little post Christmas treat for myself after all the busy holiday doings.

I hope you are having a delightful holiday season and I wish you all Happy New Year!!!
Blessings Friends!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays!

However you may celebrate this season of love, light and new beginnings, I send you warm thoughts and good wishes! (And lots of creative energy too!)

Blessings Friends!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Faerie Nest

The Faeries have built a nest in my house tree recently, a very sparkly blue nest! At first it was just a little wispy snaggle of sparkle clinging to one of the upper most branches. It stayed like that for the longest time...weeks. I can't even remember how long ago I noticed it and thought, that's pretty, how did that get there? And I just kind of left it there, didn't really pay it too much attention. Then, it became something, and that something was a nest that was settled into a perfect little crook in the branch. How do I know it was the faeries, you may ask, and not the pink curly birds?

Well, I peeked inside and saw there was a stash of faerie treasures and trinkets! They're very speedy, I haven't caught sight of them yet, but I've got an eye out. I think they were attracted by the sparkles from my icicle collection.

My Santas are all set up, I pushed the coffee table over in front of the window, they make a cheery display. I love looking at them and remembering where each one came from. I set the whole thing up while my Mum was out of the room and she was so tickled when she came in and saw them. But later that afternoon, she completely took credit, not only for setting them up, but she also took complete ownership of all the Santas! I said, I bet you remember where each and everyone of those came from...No..she says, I can't remember. She's silly, she keeps me on my toes!

Other exciting news on the fiber front, forever and ever ago I pre-ordered this new art yarn spinning book by Jacey Boggs and yesterday it arrived!!! I've peeked through it and I'm looking forward to digging into some different techniques. It looks really good and it includes an instructional DVD as well! The bonus is that it's signed too, super cool right! You'll definitely want to add this to your art yarn spinning reference library.

I hope you are all having a warm and loving holiday season!
Blessings Friends!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm A Sparkle Junkie

I freely admit it, I'm a sparkle junkie! I make no apologies, I love the combination of color and sparkle in spinning..and,well, in anything. So it's not a big surprise that I have added tons of Angelina colors to my shop but I've also given them a little twist of my own. I'm in the process of creating custom blended Angelina fibers based on some of my favorite color palettes that I've been using in my dyed fiber and art batt blends!

This special blend is my PixieDust color palette. I could dive into this yummy sparkly goodness! The picture doesn't completely capture the depth of color and sparkle, but it comes close. My all time favorite color palette captured in sparkle, what could be better!!!

One of my other personal favorite color palettes, this is LightningBug. This color palette evokes quiet summer evenings and the childhood delight of chasing those glowing little lightning bugs that seem to twinkle and disappear only to reappear as if by magic.

Paint a Sunset
We have beautiful sunsets here in Michigan (I may, however, be partial.) and I tried to capture the glorious hues and depths of color in this palette I've named, Paint a Sunset. This was so tricky to photograph,
as anyone who has tried to photograph Angelina will confirm. Angelina is a very mysterious fiber, very chameleon like, which is what makes it so wonderful and surprising when blended with other fibers like wool, alpaca and silk (just to name a few) but this same quality makes it a bit of a bugger to photograph! (Camera shy maybe?)

I have a few more custom blended Angelina palettes I'll be listing in the next few days. I painstakingly blended each batch by hand, which is no easy task, as you can imagine if you've ever worked with Angelina, but it's totally worth it for the depth of color and sparkle that is achieved. I'm very excited about these one of a kind blends!

I hope you have a delightful weekend and that in all the hubbub of this wonderful and festive season, you are finding some creative time for yourself too!
Blessings Friends!

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