Friday, October 26, 2012

New Faeries For The House Tree

I have shown you my house tree before. My house tree is actually two wonderfully twiggy branches that came down from my side hedge under the weight of heavy snow a few years back now. They had grown up, intertwined and fit together as nice as two puzzle pieces, so that when I set them in plaster in a pretty blue French flower bucket, they look just like one tree. I have been thinking it's time to change the decor. Over the summer a darling flock of chubby pink and white curly birds have been roosting among the branches. (You can see one reflected in the mirror.) But as the days grow colder, I think it will soon be time for them to fly to some warm, far away place for the winter. In their place I am making these cute, sparkly faeries to flit among the branches, two down, ten more to go!

 I am also going to hang these pretty golden ginkgo leaves, I'll cover them in a coat of protective resin first. The first ginkgo leaf came to me at the store the other day, it was such a beautiful sunny morning and I noticed that one had found its way into my cart. When I was leaving, I decided to bring it home with me, it felt like I aught to look up the symbolism. The symbolic meaning attributed to plants, flowers and trees is so interesting. I was pleased to find that the ginkgo leaf represents Love, Peace, Hope and Longevity, nice huh? A good little reminder for me, as it's been a bit nuts around our home lately. It is the time of year for falling leaves, so I went back and picked up a few more for decoration.

I hope you had a wonderful week, be sure to pop over to Fiber Arts Friday and check out all the fabulous, creative folks at the blog hop!

Blessings Friends!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wet Felted Top Hat


I have had this funny little idea percolating away for the longest time...a wet felted miniature top hat. Suddenly, it was time, a wee little top hat was waiting to be created. Originally I thought I'd make some for the faeries who live under the floor, they will not be left out, but this one is for my little doll friend Tika, it's to go with a fun party outfit I'm making her. She loves the new top hat and looks so cute! (Tiny, isn't she? That's a quarter she's holding!) I have to give Heather at Wool love-functional fiber art a great deal of credit, she is so informative when showing her projects, that I'm always learning something from her extraordinary projects/tutorials and I was able to pick up some great tips for wet felting.
I hope you have had a wonderful, creative week, 
Blessings Friend! 

Be sure to check out this weeks Fiber Arts Friday over at WonderWhy, where there are always a lot of creative ideas to explore.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Red Flap Hat Revisited

You may remember this UFO, a red and black flap hat for my great nephew.

 I finished it shortly after that post, but completely forgot to take a picture! My nephew was kind enough to accommodate me, and what the picture lacks in knitting detail, it more than makes up for with a pleasant, smiling (shaggy) kidlette.

Just a wee little post, but I am happy to have kept to my goal of weekly posting!

Blessings Friends!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Green Faerie Bottle

Hello there creative friends, I've missed you! I have been working away on lots of projects, despite my blogging absence, and I feel like maybe I've turned a corner here and can get back to regular posts. Fingers crossed! I've recently finished a new Faerie Bottle, it's a hand blown, antique glass vase in beautiful, shimmering green. I've made a pretty stopper from one of my treasured marbles and some glass jewels. I am always combing the thrift shops and tag sales for pretty bottles and vases to use for my Faerie Bottles. I've made the filigree on this bottle to look like knobbly twigs and the Faerie wings have jewels and Swarovski crystals.
Here's a closer picture of the Faerie, I need to get some pictures from a different angle so the crystals show up better.

So there you have it, my latest project. Thanks for stopping by, I am excited to catch up with all my creative blogger friends over at Wonder Why and Natural Suburbia, be sure to check them out!

Blessings Friends!

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