Friday, October 30, 2009

Frosty Christmas Stocking

Frosty Christmas Stocking

I've been working on this stocking for the last week, some friends and I are doing a knit along using the pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside The Lines, called New Ancestral Christmas Stocking. We are all having so much fun with this project, everyone has their own take on yarn colors and the pattern is easy one to add your own personal touch...which everyone has chosen to do. I'll be sure to include a picture of all of them when we are finished. It's a creative group of knitters! The photo above shows my progress so far. Of course I had to figure out a way to incorporate bobbles! ( I think I may have even turned one of the other knitters into a bobble convert!) The cuff is knitted in some of my own hand dyed, hand spun angora, it's so super soft and fluffy,I think it's a nice complement to the bobble row running under it. This is my first official project using Fair Isle knitting. I've taken the Persian Poppy/Magic Ball class with Brandon Mably when Threadbender hosted he and Kaffe Fasset for classes last May, but that was just a little sample size project. I have to say, I definitely have room for improvement, but all in all I am pleased with how the Fair Isle portions of the pattern are going. I'm just about finished with the snowflake, then I'll turn the heal and head into the home stretch. I have decided not to put a name on the cuff, instead I am going to embroider the word Naughty on one side and Nice on the other...the recipient of this stocking will be able to decide which word they will reveal to Santa! This pattern is a easy knit and if you're ready to knit up some Christmas stockings for your family, you wont be disappointed.

Have a great week! Blessings Friends!

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