Friday, July 27, 2012

The Wheels Are Spinning Once Again

Though I was unable to spin even one tiny bit for TDF, I thought a lot about spinning. And finally, one nice day this week, I brought my wheel out on the porch and did some spinning! I really want to work on perfecting my cocoon spinning technique so that the spacing, and size are consistent and the cocoons are well constructed. One thing I have learned from earlier spins is that the cocoons really come together after the twist is set. I carded up a very sparkly batt of fine fibers, smoothly carded for making the cocoons. (That is to say, I ran them through the carder more than once for a smooth fiber prep.) The color reads as white, but it's actually a silvery lilac.

 For my base yarn I am using several highly textured carded batts.  (textured = roughly carded but not super blended so that the resulting yarn is more textured than smooth) The base fibers include bits of yarn, sari silk, silk noil, wool neps, felted wool, among other fibers...aka the kitchen sink. I'm not finished spinning this one yet, those cocoons are time consuming, but I feel like it's coming along. I'm pleased with the cocoons I've spun (mostly) and I love the contrast between the smooth and textured fibers.

I hope you have a great weekend!
Blessings Friends

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