Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Early Bird Gets The Worm (aka Loom)

The early bird gets the worm! I was so excited to find an awesome deal on a used rigid heddle loom Friday, yippee! A notice went out to our guild about weaving equipment for sale, and I saw there was just the loom I wanted with email and phone contact info. I was just about to email, which is what I would typically do, when something told me to call. Call? I took a quick look at the clock, 9:20 am. Too early? I'm gonna go for it, if it's too early they wont answer and I can leave a message. I have been seriously trying to read and learn all I can about looms for the last couple of years or so, when I became interested in Saori Weaving. But it goes back even farther. Long before I was even a spinner I picked up a book called Spinning to Weave at our local library 4th of July used book sale, and then three or four years ago the grandmother of a couple of my friends, randomly gave me a book on weaving...How did she know?! At the time I politely accepted it thinking I would find a weaver to pass it along to. I've actually had it pulled out to donate on more than one occasion, but for some reason I ended up hanging onto it. It's pretty cool when you can look back and see where/when God has planted seeds along your path! Now I am the proud owner of a 25" Schacht Rigid Heddle loom with a stand and I am itching to get started! 
Blessings Friends!

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