Saturday, December 27, 2008

Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk

It's so easy to get overwhelmed with all the talk of global warming, pollution and landfills that are growing at such an alarming rate that the Harry Potters of the future will have to figure out where to magic the refuse to if they plan to live on this planet.

I'm somewhat amazed, not angry, mind you, just startled and surprised, that more people aren't pitching in to do their part. I think it might be too overwhelming to know where to start, or how easy it can be.

Here are some of the ways I recycle, a few years ago I canceled all my magazine subscriptions because I found I wasn't always having the time to read them, plus I might not be interested in the entire issue. So now I check it out when it hits the news stand, buy it if it looks like a "goody" and when I'm done with it I pass it on. I save my old magazines and interesting catalogs (with my address removed) and I leave them in the waiting room when I bring my Mom to her doctors appointments.

If I've bought a book that I thought was a keeper then found it was just "so-so" off it goes to be donated to the library where lots of eyes can read it. As I'm reorganizing my books, I'm finding a lot of books I want to re-read and some that I can pass along to make space on my shelf and share with others.

Donate your gently used professional clothing. In our area we have a place called the Women's Resource Center and you can help by donating nice clothing that could be worn in an office environment like dresses, skirts, blouses, nice accessories etc., here's the link: You most likely have something very similar in your area too, check it out! You'll love all the extra closet space and the good feeling you have knowing how much you have helped!

OK, I HAVE to say it...if curb side recycling is available in your area, take advantage of of it! It's free in our area and by taking a little bit of time and separating out my recycling vs trash. I am only putting out about ONE bag every other week!!! The rest is recyclable or compost-able (This summer I got one of those black compost bins for yard waste and vegie scraps.) and goes into the backyard compost bin. I want to appeal to people who like to save $$$! It's so nice to know that those items I saved from the landfill will be recycled plus it saves me the cost of bagging it and having them haul it away for future generation to deal with.

I love green thinking, I love the idea of stewardship of the planet. These are just a couple of ideas. Everybody has an impact, to do nothing would be the equivalent of if all of we friends were sitting at a table and someone spilled a glass of milk, and we all just sat and pretended not to notice...and did nothing

But of course, hopefully that is not what happens, we are too responsible for that.
One friend picks up the overturned glass of milk.
One friend gets a towel to blot up the milk.
One friend cleans the tablecloth.
And so it goes, one act of friendship lends itself to another, little by little, big by big, all it take is action.

Blessings friend!


  1. Recycle story: When we moved from Manchester to Hudson it was months before we found a place (took our stuff back to Manchester for months) We even ask a local Sheriff and he laughed then said," Out here they either burn it, bury it, or eat it." I still drive 20 plus miles once a month to recycle. There needs to be more places and advertising. My neighbors didn't know any thing 'til we came here. Very SAD.

  2. 20 miles, that's dedication! I'm glad you posted Jan, we city folk are spoiled! I wanted to comment back because I thought it was worth mentioning that while people may know that curbside recycling is free in many city's, it is also often included with your refuse service for those who have a removal service pick up your trash in out lying areas. The green thinking is spreading, hopefully you wont have to drive so far for much longer!

  3. I should have added that besides my recycling I have to pay 23 dollars a month to have less than a grocery bag full of real trash picked up. Haven't found a use for the celophane wraps or semi-foil pouches yet.


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