Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas In Any Language

We find ourselves again in this busy holiday season of rushing around, filling every moment with doing... buying... cooking...baking…buying some more... zipping around, and in general filling every moment with a mad dash to the big finish line. Which of course is, getting it all done in time for the big day (whichever day it is that you celebrate.)

Which brings me to my story, a couple of week ago, I had the nicest day. One of those days where all the stars and planets align and all the right people come together, and it's a great day. Nothing flashy, or glamorous, just the right and true, friendliest, best kind of day that gives you a spring in your step! My day started out at the post office where I was able to walk right in, first in line and collect a parcel I had missed on delivery. No muss, no fuss, a quick stop for coffee to go, then it was on to City Knitting, where I have been joining this really nice group of knitters for knitting and visiting on Saturdays. They're the best I really enjoy they’re company and then of course there is all the beautiful yarn!!! Lorilee, the owner and everyone that works there is so helpful and welcoming. Plus it not too far away, how lucky am I? Normally I would stay a lot longer and knit nearly all day on a Saturday, but this particular week was the once monthly meeting of a craft group I have been going to and I was excited to spend time with my craft friends too! On the way over to the big craft-o-rama, I remember, Oh yeah, they're holding an order for me at Spirit Dreams, it's right on the way, I'd better pick it up! I love Spirit Dreams, it's this great little store in East Town where you can get all kinds of interesting gift items from all over the world. If you’ve never been there you should check it out, it’s got a neat little metaphysical vibe, not over the top, just the right amount of “cosmic.” Anyway, I love this one kind of incense they carry and every time I go in to buy more, I always take the last of whatever is on the shelf. The last time I was there I decided to order a dozen packages, so that other people could enjoy it too and I could still have a nice little back stock. So here I was at the counter...I just stopped in to pick up this one thing mind you, no looking around because I have to dash off to get to my craft-a palooza, and I noticed these little sparkly Christmas ornaments. They are tiny and silver and shiny and miniature, so of course they caught my attention immediately! What I see are little boxes no bigger than three inches long by about an inch and a half wide. The tops of the boxes are embossed with seasonal messages. They were all pretty much self explanatory, the box embossed with winter wonderland, for example contained tiny silver ice skates, a silver penguin and a silver snowflake, each laced with a pretty satin ribbon perfect for hanging on the nearest tree! But this one set, it was a real puzzler. Now remember, this all took place in about two minutes, so give me some credit in advance please! On this particular set, the lid was embossed with the words, Merry Christmas. Inside were three pewter popsicle stick shaped ornaments, like icicles I suppose. They were lined up in the box horizontally and on each one was a series of indistinguishable characters interspersed between completely recognizable holiday shapes like candy canes and Christmas bulbs. I squinted at those through a haze of ribbons…and I could NOT make any other sense out of them than what popped out of my mouth next. OH! Does this say Merry Christmas in Hieroglyphics?

No.” The Shopkeeper, giggled as she looped one up on her finger and dangled it vertically for me to read. “ It says Merry Christmas in English!”

WE LAUGHED! You have to know that place, for all I know it could have been ancient rune or some such thing! Hieroglyphics…I was still laughing when I got to the craft-a-palooza.

Ahhh, what a great day, thanks to everyone that made it possible!

Clickclick…..clickclickclickclick…, for those of you who don’t speak the lingo, that’s Merry Christmas in squirrel!

Best wishes,

Your Squirrelly Friend Melissa

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