Friday, December 19, 2008

Yoga Quest

For awhile now I have known I should find a beginners yoga class. I love the mind, body, spirit connection, I really do. I used to take private lessons a few years ago, and it's harder than it looks, but satisfying. Now I think I'd like to be more involved in group meditation, so I've had my feelers out for a class. Right around the corner from me is a little studio that teaches classes, but the couple of times I've stopped, they were closed. I am someone who pays attention to signs. I really believe in spiritual guidance, so I take the hint, this place must not be the right place for me. I ran into the same thing with another lead I had, it was closed when I got there, plus I discovered it's affiliated with a church I don't know. I continue to hold the idea in mind, thinking I know of another studio to check out. Before I can do this, while waiting in line at the post office, I see that the man behind me has collected his mail and right on top is a yoga magazine! He looks like a yoga guy and I would really like to ask him abut the magazine and if he's taking classes somewhere, but I know it will sound flirtatious, like some sort of lame post office come on. So I let the moment pass.

Then the other day when I sent out the snippet to all my friends who I thought might be interested in the blog, my friend Pam was glad to hear I like spinning (I like both types spinning, the exercise bike type and spinning fiber to make yarn type, though I was actually referring to the fiber type of spinning in my intro. I really need to practice both a lot more!!!) I told Pam that I am always looking for healthy activities when she invited me to come to her spinning class with her. I also mentioned my quest for a beginners yoga class. She said may have some leads.

So why is Melissa telling the yoga quest story, you may ask? I just wanted to give a little peek into how I (mostly try to) let things work in my world because I like to observe what I refer to as everyday miracles. They're there for everyone, these everyday miracles. The great thing about them, I've noticed, once you begin to acknowledge and be thankful for them, they become more and more abundant. So I notice a little seed idea is planted and I pay attention to it. (seed=yoga is a good idea for you, find a class) usually I know it's an important idea because it keeps coming up. Then I wait. I wait for the universe (via God of course) to lead me to the right spot, right place, right people, right time. It takes time sometimes, but I have learned about time. I am always accepting the universe cannot be rushed. Not if you want the best results possible.

Here is the thread I will dangle, it will be interesting to see if cool, urban hippie, yoga guy from the post office turns up in which ever yoga class I end up in, because it seems like too big of a coincidence for it to be just random don't you think?

Blessings Friends!


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