Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Knitters Candy

Boy oh boy do I love a good notion! Stitch markers, needle cases, bags and baubles and everything in between, plus the zipper pouches and bags to organize them all and tote them around! So when I was at the card store and I saw this pretty pink little business card holder, I had to figure out a good reason to buy it! Though truthfully it was not over budget at $6.95. Not at all! Now everyone who knows me, knows my love of pink, so of course I went straight for the sparkly pink number...ahh, shiny pink. What could be better? Well I had something in mind for that card holder, I thought it would perfect for my point protectors. Much like stitch markers, it seems they tend to disappear and right when you urgently need one...nada. Or maybe you can find one or two, in the wrong size! Now I'm not saying this little card holder turned point protector holder will change your organizational habits, but I will say this having the proper tool at hand, very nice. Something pretty and useful at the same time makes putting your tools back in the same spot sort of satisfying. (is my nerd showing?oops.)

So check it out! I removed the elastic bands, though you would not have to, I just liked the look better without the black elastic in the way.
It fits perfectly in my little notions pouch and looks so appealing. I jokingly popped it open and offered a fellow knitting friend one, as if it were a candy! Stitch markers, row counters, point protectors...They are candy, knitters candy!

Have a great week friends!

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  1. That's a great idea Melissa! I see card holders in a lot of shops these days and some of them are pretty interesting. I love organizing trinkets, lol.


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