Thursday, January 1, 2009

(More) Knitter's Candy-Knitting Needle Organizer

I like the title Knitter's Candy so I've decided to make it a regular feature title for all the fun knitting tips and ideas I want to share. This is a recent project of mine that involves my pet creative inspiration, pink, shiny, portable and most important, organized. I think it turned out terrific, I hope you get inspired to organize too!

I was more than halfway there organizationally speaking, I already had nearly all my knitting needles in one spot.  I was keeping them in a plastic expando file, but they were not separated, it was just a big jumble.  The only exception was that my double points were in a large zipper bag to keep them all together.
In comes the beautiful knitting tote that I spied while shopping one day at Threadbender Yarn! Gosh, that there's a pretty tote!!! I knew it would be perfect for my knitting needles, much prettier than the blue one I'd been scuffing around.  And I knew I could use this indulgence as a chance to get more organized! So I pulled out all my needles and organized them, straight in one pile, circular and double points each in their own pile. Crochet hooks... yep, there here too.

I found a different expandable file to fit inside the tote, pink seemed like a good choice. The great thing about this particular file was that the front pocket is rigid plastic and it's the perfect width for my two needle sets from Knit Picks! 
They fit perfect, just like two peas in a pod, as they say. Next came the crochet hooks.  There is a handy pocket in one corner of the tote which I used for my crochet hooks. 

Once I had the crochet hooks in place I tucked my expandable file in the tote.  Not only does it organize the needles but it protects the pretty lining from all those points too.
I found that using only three of the file sections(straight, double point, circular) and spreading them out was more than enough to accommodate the bulk of the needles.  Now I have them in one, lovely, portable, organized place. They are ready to grab and go for that last minute dash to knitting class when you can't remember which size needles you are suppose to bring, no worries!

There she is in all her glory! All zipped up and ready to go.  (I loved the knitting tote so well that when Threadbender's had a sale on them last week, I bought another one! Which I will use as a project tote, it's so pretty! ) 
This size and shape bag is quite common in stores, I think you could easily pick one up...check your closet you may already have one on hand.  For those interested in specifics, the expandable file that perfectly fit the Knit Picks, Options and Harmony pouches was purchased at Target.

Happy New Year Friend!


  1. That's a very pretty bag Melissa. Great idea!

  2. I organized mine with old jeans and a towel for the straight ones. Zip bags for the circle ones and seal-a-meal bags for the double points. Bring your camera to the meeting Sat. and I'll try and bring them all for you to see.
    The crochet hooks are in jeans pockets too. I have a tote for knit and one for crochet.
    I love being organized too.


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