Friday, July 9, 2010

The Finish Line (or very near)

Whew, there were times when I felt like I'd never get this spun. I checked my notes and I started this project back in April, but actually it goes back even a bit farther, before I could begin the dyeing I had to sort, scour and hand pick (clean out any remaining vegetation/open the fibers for carding)all the fiber. I loved mixing all the dyes for this batch of fiber, yum! And watching the pink fiber goodness dry like delicious fluffy jewels, was exciting. It took some time, between life and other projects to card together all the different fibers components. Then for a while I had three nice fat bobbins of art singles waiting for me to get my caboose in gear and spin up three more bobbins of simple, skinny singles so I could ply them.

I now have a combined 969 yards of 14 wpi Lt Fingering yarn, the skeins weigh a combined total of 14 7/8 ounces. More than enough for the beautiful pattern I have in mind to knit, more on that later. I have only one more loose end to tie up with this spin, I also dyed some Indonesian silk cocoons if you remember back to the fiber I started out with, and I'm trying to decide how to incorporate them into the project. This will have to bubble away on the back burner for a bit longer, I've started working on the fiber from a fiber exchange now. A bunch of us from the guild (Spinners Flock) that I belong to, brought enough fiber so that we could trade 2 ounces each with the other participants, with the idea that we will meet back and share how we all used the fiber. We ended up with such a nice assortment of fiber, I'd better save the details for next time!

Have a great weekend! Blessings Friends!


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