Friday, July 16, 2010

Fiber Exchange Beginnings

Check out all this yummy fiber. The guild I belong to had a fiber exchange, there was a predetermined number of participants and we each brought enough of our fiber to share two ounces each with the other participants. The idea being that we would meet back and share our creations. It will be so cool to see what the other spinners have created! The roving with the green, turquoise and chartreuse was hand dyed by a young fella who looked about 10 (but I could be way off), his mom dyed the beautiful purple, they're good color pickers! My eye is full! It's so great to see parents passing on hand working skills/love to their young people.

We received such a nice variety of fiber too including, Mohair/black lamb, Blue Face Leicester, Finn/Merino, Alpaca, Romney and Chevoit/Jacob. Originally I was thinking I'd blend them and create some of my art rovings, but after considering all the different breeds represented, I decided to spin them separately, maintaining the original qualities of each fiber type. With the leftover singles, however, I will ply the different fiber types together. I'm really excited to have a garment with all these different fiber incorporated!

When I had all the fiber out on the table, I decided to pull some of the whites for dyeing I wanted to add some more blues and blue-greens to the mix and of course a bit more of lovely chartreuse.

I was really pleased with the way the colors came out and I think they will blend nicely with the other dyed and naturally colored rovings from the exchange. I've already been spinning away, and I did sneak in a little sparkle, with plans for more, it's good to have a little sparkle right?

Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings Friends!

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