Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Acorns are popping up!

Spring is definitely the time to think about little ones, maybe little sprouts of bulbs and other green things take your fancy (like me) or maybe there is the whisper of other "lil' sprouts" that are soon to be arriving! It's that time of year! I made up this little Acorn Chapeau pattern, knitted from my chunky art yarn called, The Cow Jumped Over The Moon. I also used a little of my worsted hand spun for the ribbing, from the dye batch Vintage Velvet Flowers, a nice complement to the colors in the chunky art yarn. The Acorn Chapeau was kindly modeled by my little friend, borrowed back from the toy box at Grandmas house.

How about these Cutie Booties, knitted following this wonderfully simple pattern known as Chaussons mignons, I also knitted them using chunky, The Cow Jumped Over The Moon. For the booties, however, I edited the thicker areas in the yarn where I had spun in flannel and cotton strips, for such a tiny bootie, it was too much bulk. You should check out this pattern, it's ingenious! It could easily be translated into any size slipper you might need. I love the kimono cross over look, it creates a cozy wrap for the foot. The only adjustment that I made was to round the toes a bit, in the pattern, the shape is quite square, nothing wrong with that, I just like the rounded toe better.

Well kiddos, I hope you are enjoying the great outdoors! Blessings Friends!

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