Friday, April 2, 2010

English Daisy Afghan

So how cute are these little English Daisies? Snowball, my garden bun and I can't get enough of them! When I saw the chunky pink yarn pictured below, it reminded me of these cute little flowers. I decided to use the yarn to make an afghan, inspired by those fat little, friendly blooms.

I'm pleased with how it turned out, the yarn is 50% responsible for the success of this little project. I used Marble chunky, it's..gasp...acrylic, I know, I'm a spinner, I love natural fibers, but this yarn is great. The first time I saw it at the yarn shop, I fell in love, I was so surprised/stunned to find it was 100% acrylic. It's a good choice for an afghan, which will undoubtedly tumble through the wash fairly often. OK, I'm done's pink, it has a wonderful sheen, it's soft, it's a great yarn. Hope you like my little English Daisy Afghan, it was fun to knit!

Enjoy this awesome weather! Blessings Friends!

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