Friday, March 5, 2010


I've been in a real spinning groove lately, I'm inspired by all the delicious art yarn techniques I've seen, and I want to master them myself. I'm honing in on the coil thing, it's been a process of reading/practicing the various techniques out there in spin-land, and then play, play, play...I mean practice, practice, practice. I've got plenty of tweaking to do for this technique, for starters if I want a smooth coil, I'll choose a smooth roving to spin, and in my next try, I'll space them closer together. That being said, I love how this turned out and I wish I had more of the fiber. I love those fat fluffy coils contrasting with the skinny hot pink plied section, it's just fun!

I included a lot of spin stuff in this blend. I really let myself gather together a bunch of different fibers, textures and colors.
In spinning, as in life, I want it all, I like a full palette!

I'm so excited to knit with this goodie, I think it would make a fun bag/purse! It's springtime and things are bustin out all over, I love this time of year!

Have a great week! Blessings Friends!

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