Friday, March 19, 2010

Embellished Denim Cuff

Ok, so I have had this cuff floating around for a couple of years by now. It came from this really cozy denim shirt, which was perfectly broken in, but it needed taking in before I could continue to wear it. I ended up making the sleeves 3/4 length and removing the cuffs entirely. But I just couldn't part with the cuffs. I knew that someday, when the time was ripe, I would do something with this cuff. So I moved it from work table to drawer, trying it on, then putting it aside again. Then recently a couple of Ravelry friends were talking about this awesome fiber artist. I had to check it out. To me her creations feel like a form of meditation, her spiritual journey. You can check her out for yourself here at her blog, Spirit Cloth. Her art really speaks to me in a language so completely familiar. Exploring her work for a few days has really had an impact on me. The other night, soon after I had turned in for the night, I jumped out of bed with a really great idea, I would embellish my old denim cuff. Thing is, I had to find it, turns out it was right where I put it last. Ha ha ha!

I knew I wanted to try my hand at applique, I love working with little snips and bits. I added one of my favorite trims, the wire beads on a chain, just a little sparkle in my favorite shape, round. Then came the curly, twirly lines.

A ladybug, one of my symbols...I'm a little rusty on my satin stitch, but I don't mind how it turned out. I considered if I should completely fill the surface with embellishment, then decided to allow this to be a work in progress. I can add details as I go along, when the time is ripe for more decoration.

Hope you are having a wonderful, creative week! Blessings Friends!

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  1. Nice work and great idea too. I have bits around here I could not part with. It would be good to make some thing from them. Kind of reminds me of my blue jean pocket hook pouch. Maybe I will pack up my treasures and let you do them up. Have fun Lady.


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