Friday, May 15, 2009

Spinning Llamas and Mohair Goats!!!

I bought the most beautiful fiber a while back at the guild meeting, a 50/50 blend of llama and mohair. The color of the llama is, to my eye, so black it almost takes on a midnight blue color. In combination with the silky, silvery mohair, it blends quite lovely. And is dreamily soft!!! The fiber was prepared for spinning in cloud form, which is exactly as it sounds, fluffy loose clouds. The only drawback I can see is that it’s messier than say roving or batts, after the first course of spinning, I immediately realized the rest will need to be spun outdoors. The front of me was covered with choppy little hairs, second cuts maybe? And I felt like I was back in the hair cutting salon! That did not, however deter me from wanting to keep my hands on this beautiful fiber, nope, no way! I spun the rest of the night anyway! I was already messy, right? Then the next day, on went an apron and out to the back yard to spin, problem solved. The llama/mohair blend is soft and gorgeous and spins like a dream! I’m hoping for enough for a shawl and to make a scarf for my nephew who will be going to live in Ireland for a few months starting this coming January.

Have a good week, happy knitting/spinning!

Blessings Friends!


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  1. You sure are having a good time spinning. Keep on treadling.


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