Friday, February 27, 2009

Dreams: A Letter From Your Subconscious

Who isn't fascinated by their own dreams? Maybe you don't remember them all the time, but then there is that one that mystifies you so much so, that the next day it stays in your thoughts through out the day. Maybe you tell someone about it and of course it will remind them of a dream they once had...ahhh dream analysis, it's so interesting!!!

The way I look at it, dreams are like little symbolic letters , waiting for us to open, read and understand them. In the upper photo you can see some of my old dream journals lined up on the shelf next to my favorite dream reference books, mostly they're old spiral note books, nothing fancy. I checked the oldest date, this is when I started writing my dreams in a separate journal from my everyday journal, the ones I have here in the study go back to 1989, before that I wrote them down in my daily journal. I think its important that dream journaling has it's own space. Now-a-days I use a large inexpensive sketch book that I "fancy" up a bit, as I've done with the one shown here.

Once you have your dream journal, to begin your own dream study, it's important to create a space for your dreams. Get your journal and pen all set up next to your bed the night before. Now don't worry if you don't remember your dream the next day, that tends to happens in the beginning...dream drought! First see if you can pull one tiny thread, just a snipit, it doesn't matter how big or how small. If you remember something, write it down. If you can't remember any of your dream, a simple way to break through is to write down an old dream that you do remember. This serves a triple purpose, it shows your subconscious what you're looking for,(I want to remember these dreams of mine.) gives you a dream to analyze and now that perfect journal has been written in, and sometimes that first blank page can be the toughest hurdle. As you begin to analyze your dreams, there are plenty of dream dictionary's out there, but it's really not necessary for you to rush out and buy one, our dreaming mind will choose symbolism that tends to be personally significant. In other words, if you're dreaming about chairs, you could look up chair, to get a generalized overview, but a more accurate definition would the first thought/feeling that comes to you when you think about chairs. The more you look at your own dreams, you and your subconscious will create this wonderful personalized dream vocabulary. The beauty of dreams of course is that they are filled with multiple layers of symbolism, available for even deeper insight if we will only take the time to look closer.

If you are interested in reading more about dreams, here are a few of my favorite books:
  • The Dream Book: Symbols for Self-Understanding, by Betty Bethards
  • Dreams Beyond Dreaming, by Jean Campbell
  • Dreams: Your Magic Mirror, by Edgar Cayce
  • Edgar Cayce on Dreams
  • Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill, by Jeremy Taylor
  • Our Dreaming Mind, by Robert L. Van De Castle, Ph. D.
Enjoy your week,I hope you'll think about keeping a dream journal if you don't already!

Blessings Friends!

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