Friday, March 2, 2012

Gathering The Light-FreeForm Shawl

I finished my freeform shawl this week. To create this shawl, I used all my favorite art yarns, my WinterWonder, which includes lots of delicious goodies including Wensleydale lamb locks, a cocoon yarn using alpaca, silk and merino, and my special favorite, a super chunky Wensleydale Lamb, lock spun. ( I am convinced that if you rest your head on the skein of this hand is big enough for a pillow, you will have sweet, gentle lamb type dreams for life! It's super soft and very curly!)

In addition to the wheel motif I showed you last week, I also included a cosmic spiral motif, both design elements were freeform crochet on a knitted base. I like to incorporate symbolism into my work where I can, and both of these designs are positive symbols throughout many cultures and carry a timeless, universal message of unity, balance, centering, growth and connectivity.

Ahhh, that luscious Wensleydale yarn, here's a closer look at the fringe, it's beautiful and very sheepy with all the sproingy little curls!

It's nice and long, and has a good drape, but it's also light and airy. It would make an excellent traveling shawl. A very cozy, curl up with a good book shawl. A comforting, nurse you back to health shawl. And the best, walk outdoors on a spring day shawl.

I look forward to seeing all the yummy projects my Fiber Arts Friday friends have been working on this week, I love Andria's FOF blog hop, if you haven't already, check it out, you'll find lots of creative inspiration!

Blessings Friends!


  1. I want to curl up in that shawl. It's breathtaking.

  2. Gorgeous! It looks like it would be like wearing a cloud around your shoulders. So soft and pretty!

  3. Oh sooo Lovely and delightful. It will get many compliments where ever it goes.
    A wonderful creative flow.

  4. Oh, how lovely. <3 I hate winter, but you've managed to make it so, so beautiful with this work of art---all the good things about snow and ice and the quality of the light...they're somehow all contained in this piece. It really does radiate warmth and positivity, I love it.

  5. Very nice, comfortable looking shawl. and I like the word "sheepy" :-)

  6. the soft, soothing color.

  7. Great shawl, my friend!!
    I especially love the cosmic spiral!!

  8. Thanks everyone for such kind comments!

    Heather, I love the cosmic spiral symbol too and it shows up a lot in my work, but this time the design I was sketching out really called for a medicine wheel/prayer wheel motif. So there are three major spirals and 6 smaller circles using the wheel motif. Using a repetition of three also lends itself to the symbolic message.

  9. Um, wow. I love this so much!!! Spirals are a big favorite for me in the world of shapes. This is amazing.


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