Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fairy Tale Spin/Sawp

We had a fun fairy tale spin/swap over in the art yarn group and now that my parcel has been received, I can post details of the yarn and the construction. It was really neat to think about spinning the yarn to correspond with the story. You can see my beginning palette of fibers I put together for this spin.

The beginning of story starts with cinders from the hearth, but even under the soot, the fine quality and character of Cinderella peeked through. I used silk top, merino and silk noil to represent that part of the story, all dyed a smoky gray black.

The perfect pumpkin for a magical carriage.

I used sari silk ribbons in shades of orange and green,with their thick and frazzled edges plied with a mossy green single with tail spun Lincoln locks to represent the pumpkin vines, along with a dyed cocoon pumpkin.

Six white mice

The six white mice gathered to be turned into coachmen were made from spun cocoons of merino silk and angelina. The tails were an add on, I snuck in a little strand of semi felted single and needle felted each one in place. Just for extra measure I also used some thread for insurance that the tails would stay put. (It's a gift yarn after all, can't have those tails falling off, how shocking that would be! LOL)

Here's a close up of one of the mice I made using the cocoon art yarn technique. (If you're interested, there are excellent directions in the book, Intertwined, by Lexi Boeger )

Cinderella goes to the ball

I made a little tassel/dress out of tulle. By leaving the loops uncut, adding a little tulle bow at the waist and a little length of the tulle for a train, I hoped to convey a tiny little ball gown. I also found some little glass slippers charms! Lots of silver and gold, sparkly magic going on here.

Happily ever after!

I found this huge sparkly ring, for total fairy tale style bling for Miss Cinderella's happily ever after moment! I added it into the yarn with beaded strands of tiny pearls and satin ribbons.

Here's the whole skein. It was fun telling a story by spinning an actual yarn and I hope the fiber friend who received it didn't mind my very literal interpretation. I mean, even if nothing else is ringing any bells, those glass slippers are a dead give away! That being said, the parcel went to France and I have no idea if this tale is as common over there. Maybe some of my francophile friends can chime in with a little insight.

Oh and check out this sweetie, my fluffy little bff (best fluffy friend) is 15 years old today! Everyone always asks me how old she is and I kind of ball park it because I can never remember for certain what year I got her, so I finally looked it up in my old file with the vet bills and it was 1997. The day itself is always easy to remember, since it's the day before St. Patrick's day. She is still so lively and playful. Happy Birthday Cissie!

I hope you have a delightful weekend, enjoy this wonderful weather!
Blessings Friends!



  1. That yarn is GORGEOUS! Your swap partner has definitely been spoiled. I love that the yarn tells as story.

  2. That yarn is awesome... what a great idea!

    Happy Birthday Kittie-Kittie.

  3. The yarn is fabulous and that is so cool how it tells the story. Please give Cissie an ear scratch and wish her Happy Birthday! My bff will be 14 this year and he's still going strong. :)

  4. Fairy tale yarn, what a wonderful idea.
    You put so much detail in it.
    Your creations are always inspiring and fabulous.
    Love it.

  5. Wowsa!!!!....this yarn is are so creative.

  6. Fantastic fairy tale through yarn. So neat!

  7. Ooo sparkles! You have a lucky yarn swap person.

  8. Well, Curly - I followed you back home. I'm not a spinner, so I usually look without having much to say. But this concept of the story in the yarn is more than intriguing. What a beautiful job you did, expressing the elements in fiber. I would never have thought about it, myself. I love the Linda Wheel - every Friday, sampling from so many different minds and hands. And I never said, but I love the name of your blog; it always draws me back here.

  9. Thanks everyone for all the happy comments, it was a really fun spin. I should have done two so I could have one for myself. Maybe I still can, after all, I do have extra glass slippers!!!

  10. I didn't even know you could do this with yarn... and it's so cool. Love the story and the pictures and holy awesome. :) Happy birthday to your bff too.

  11. Happy Birthday to the fluffy one!

    Love your fairy tale art yarn. Cinderella was one of my favorite stories as a little girl.

  12. The yarn story is amazing....magical.
    And Cissie? One lucky kitty girl!

  13. Hi Melissa....

    Wonderful yarn!!
    You asked about my fairy garden. Check out this post from last summer...

    Have a magical day!!


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