Friday, March 30, 2012

Fairy Tale Spin/Swap Received!

 I received my fairy tale swap parcel this week, all the way from Australia! I have been racking my little pee brain trying to figure out the fairy tale my partner spun for me. I am afraid I'm coming up blank, I was not very clever in figuring out the story. There are some significant elements in the construction of the yarn, namely the huge number of singles, which start off with two and progress to eleven, then back down to two. The two colors of the singles are a soft pale green and soft mossy brown along with silver and gold metallic threads. If you have any thoughts about what story this yarn represents, I would love to hear your ideas! 

I spent a lot of time looking at the yarn and pondering the tale it told. With the soft green and brown, plus all the finely spun, plied strands, it really reminded me of a beautiful twisting vine. 

So I followed that idea and crocheted a long vine with lots of random leaves, because I like random. The leaves were interspersed with bobbles which would become the centers of my crochet flowers. I also added some of my tassel flowers (Which I make using my spinning scraps and other goodies which are too pretty to throw away.) Plus some art yarn fringe randomly placed along the length of the vine, and some more fringe-like vines with leaves and buds, crocheted in a darker green recycled cotton.

I'm thinking maybe the tower trellis in my welcome planter on the front walk could use a little yarn bombing in the form of an exotic creeping vine, or maybe I should just keep it as a lariat?

I hope your week has been filled with wonderful creative moments!
Blessings Friends!


  1. That is simply beautiful!

    I have been very intrigued to see the creations made like this. It's been fun stalking the threads over in Ravelry.

  2. That handspun yarn is awesome! I'm not certain of the fairy tale either, so when you find out, fill us in, ok? :)

  3. Perhaps the dancing princess' fairytale and the gold and the silver have to do with the forests that they walk through to get to the elves kingdom. Just a thought....

    1. I'll bet you're right, I forgot about that one! I'm asking the spinner who created the yarn, for confirmation.

    2. Could the fairy tale be snow white and the seven dwarfs? or the pied piper?
      I adore what you did with the yarn. Absolutely Gorgeous!

  4. Oh goodness....I'm clueless about what fairy tale she used. Love your
    "vine". My vote would be....lariat.

  5. The title Wind in the Willows comes to mind. Does that count as a fairy tale? Whatever it is, looks like fun yarn to work with!

  6. Do you mean Fairy Tale as in Hansel and Gretal and Rapunzel? Or something literally to do with fairies? Either way, I'm stumped!

  7. I thought and thought, but can't come up with anything that goes from 2 to 11 and back again...that seems important....can't wait to hear what you find out.

  8. Melissa--Your work always makes me feel SO happy!
    I love yarn bombing, but I would hate to have this beauty exposed to the elements! :)

  9. Sorry I can't help with the fairy tale, all I can do is sit and admire!

  10. What did you find out? What is the fairy tale?

  11. It's really gorgeous whatever the tale is... love what you made with it.


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