Friday, May 7, 2010

Finished Shawl

I've had this on and off the needles about three times. First I decided it was too big, then I couldn't decide which border stitch to use, if, rip, rip, then the third time I felt like I bound off too tightly, well geez, as long as I have it back on the needles, why not add a couple more repeats of the feather and fan sounds like a mess of fiddling, right? But I must like that, or I wouldn't keep doing it, for me it's all part of the process. Noodling around until it feels right. It's all blocked as you can see by the photo above, using tons of pins and blocking wires. Hurry up and dry already!

The guardian of the shawl? Not likely! How do you like the little protective playpen I made with various chairs? I don't think it would hurt to have Cissie take a little nap on my shawl, it might even help it dry faster! I was concerned about all the pins though, I wouldn't want her to get injured, so up went the barricade! I usually employ large books, set up like little tents all around the perimeter, this is so much faster, easier and a much more efficient deterrent. I think Ciss has checked this out from just about every possible angle, I'm sure she thinks it's curious the things we humans do. I'm excited to wear this, it was great fun to knit. Today we have the perfect weather for a shawl, cold and rainy, it's good for my newly transplanted plants. Perfect for letting them get settled into their new homes.

Enjoy! Blessings Friends!

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