Friday, February 5, 2010

The Pixies That Live Under The Floor

When I moved into my house, now going on four years ago, I began to discover little toys and treasures in the tiny spaces of my home. I discovered them under the cast iron grates where the heat flows into the living room, behind the stove, tucked into the hollow place behind a loose molding. With each discovery, I tidied the area, and then respectfully replaced the little objects. I enjoyed keeping this little secret with the pixies that share my home and yard. Lately I came up with an idea to make some warm winter clothes for my little friends as a trade for the treasures I have collected from them.

I hung the tiny garments out on my house tree, where they can be easily found.

I think the pixies will really love this free form shawl I knitted up. I added lots of fringe, which I thought would be attractive to the little faeries.

I have been wanting to crochet one of these newsboy caps for the longest time, it was so fun to make one tiny sized! This cabled sweater will keep a little body warm, as the temperatures have been quite chilly here, and the wind has been gusting like mad.

Here's a closer look at the newsboy cap.

I knitted this sweater a little tinier than the first, I used my own hand spun yarn for this one. It's hand dyed alpaca from Yarn Hollow.

This is the smallest cabled sweater, I love the purpley-blue, plus the yarn has a little sparkle mixed in, you can't go wrong with sparkle as far as I'm concerned! The pixie cap also has just the right amount of sparkle. If I am lucky, I hope to get a glimpse of someone wearing this! I'll keep a close look out.

Here is the smallest free form shawl, still plenty cozy, even though it's size is so petite.

I'm hoping the pixies will think these warm winter clothes are a fair trade for their treasure, I guess I'll know for sure if they turn naughty on me, then I will have to put the treasures back where I found them. They have always been very nice and helpful, my plants grow and bloom like crazy, more so than they ever have anyplace else that I have lived. I wouldn't want that to change!

Have a wonderful week! Blessings Friends!


  1. If I were a Pixie I would be delighted with the clothes you made. I'd also like a tiny pillow for my kitty and a toy too.

    Thanks from a Pixie at heart.

  2. This is brilliant! The pixies will love them. The fae are really into freeform.

  3. I've been reading some of your older posts tonight and I am just enraptured with this one!! Your tiny clothing absolutely enthralls me! What a charming post, Melissa!

  4. That's so sweet of you to read my old posts Heather. When I knew I was moving, I collected all the pixie trinkets. I couldn't think of leaving them behind to possibly be thrown away by the new owners. I keep them in a little jar on the shelf in my studio. The pixies did not get mad, they must have been a gift all along.


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