Friday, January 29, 2010

Random Yarn Generator

I spun my first yarn using the Random Yarn Generator idea from KayBee in the Novelty and Art Yarn Group. She created a list of colors and techniques, which are randomly drawn from and then used to create your yarn. I'm new at these techniques and it was so inspiring searching through the threads for pictures of different techniques for reference so I could 'get to spinning' using some of these wonderful techniques myself. You should pop over there and check out all the goodies, I hope with practice that I will be able to do half as well as these talented spinners!

My draws for this yarn were:
Colors = yellow, blue, purple
Spinning Techniques = knots, over twisted coils, slubs
Plying Techniques = coils, waves, trapped objects

The fibers I used included merino, merino tensile blend, my own hand dyed angora, alpaca and mohair/merino and Angelina

I made felted millefiori dangles strung onto sparkly yarn for my trapped objects, that project itself was quite fun, I love felting! It's sort of like painting, once I get a brush in my hand, I start looking around for what else "needs" paint, same thing with felting...hummm, what else can I felt together...this might look interesting!

Using the Random Yarn Generator was so fun and it's a great way to learn new techniques and also spin colors you might not normally use. In this instance yellow isn't a color I would normally include, but I dyed up some alpaca in a soft sun-shinny yellow and when I blended with the other soft colors, it came out looking like spring time! Who couldn't use a little spring right about now? I know I could! I'm having fun thinking about what I will knit with my growing stash of art yarns...ahhh, yarn. If you're on Ravelry, the Art Yarn group is definitely worth checking out, take a peek around, it might encourage you to start spinning too, (if you don't already) I noticed that many of the spinners over there have their yarns for sale in their etsy shops, in case you'd rather get your art yarn fix that way.

Have a great week! Blessings Friends!

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  1. I can hardly wait to see what you make with your lucious new yarns.
    Way to go!


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