Friday, September 4, 2009

Knitter's Potluck

I was excitedly working away on my Little Fishies Panel Scarf, and I was nearly done I might add, when I decided I needed to make some changes. So I gently un-knit (I know there are other words for this..I just prefer to say un-knit.) the entire thing and I ended up with this beautiful bowl of yarn waiting to be re-knit into my project. I thought, how cool would it be to go to a potluck where the dish to pass everyone brought was a lovely bowl of bundled lengths of ribbon, silks, bamboo, mohair, alpaca and hand dyed wool. Can you imagine a table full of these bowls, and you could go around and choose a certain amount, then everyone could happily sit down and work on a project! You might need to trade as you went along and saw how things were going. To me, this sounds like knitter's paradise! I just thought I'd pass this idea along to my knitting case you want to give it a try,the Knitter's Potluck.

I received my wonderful swap envelope from Shelley V. this week! Look at all the fun goodies she sent along! I absolutely loved everything all my favorite colors, just perfect! Thanks Shelley for a great envelope!!!

I plied the rest of the yarn which I'm calling Cozy Pink Dreams, I did a test ply earlier having learned my lesson from the first skein of this blend (plied to looked like worm guts, teehee) One single is a blend of natural romney/kid mohair/tussah silk, the other single is merino/alpaca. I was able to get a total of 429 yards (60yds sm skein, 369yds lg skein) The ypi is 15. I haven't any plans for the yarn yet, it's going into the yarn stash for now until the right project comes along.

Have a great week, Blessings Friends!


  1. That does sound like a wonderful idea then spend the after noon knitting with friends.
    It would even work for a spin-in potluck and every one bring bits of roving.

  2. A Spinners Potluck is a great idea Jan, I can just imagine all the beautiful yarns being created!

  3. Ooo, Melissa, the pink is fabulous!

  4. How about a musical spin-in roving type. Every time the music stops (every ten minutes or so) you put back what you are spinning and get some things else out (never the same piece) until it is all used up. Can you imagine all the wonderful one of kind yarns to be had this way. Then ply each to some thing neutral. WOW sounds yummy.

  5. A musical spinner potluck sounds like great fun Jan!


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