Friday, August 21, 2009

Wraping Up The Free Range Wrap!

Yea, all done! I really enjoyed this project from start to finish, there wasn't one moment when I felt the yen for a new project. Don't get me wrong, I'm always percolating with ideas, but that's the beauty of free range knitting, every passage is a new moment, a new idea. So even while I was excited about future projects and mentally raiding my yarn stash in preparation, this wrap was fun and engaging to work on! So here's a picture of me...wind swept hair and all, wearing the wrap. I discovered that my beloved bobble row fitted perfectly with a lacy yo row on the opposite side and made the perfect closure!

Here's a close up, the Bobbles button into the yarn over lace pattern perfectly. How fortuitous! When I wear it buttoned this way, it looks like a sweater. Of course I plan on wearing it loose too, like a regular wrap.

I also had the same Bobble luck on the edge, you can see I am able to button the corner up around my wrist, creating a sleeve effect. My love of the bobble/popcorn stitch really paid off. I am already dreaming up an actual sweater specifically with these types of closures, something a bit more shaped maybe.

I wanted to show a close up of the edge treatment, it really made a big difference in the overall look. I ended up using two strands of Berroco, Seduce one in soft purples, the other in soft blue/greens and I did two rounds of single crochet around the edge. This is on the advise of my Mum, who is my go to gal for crochet advise and information. Then I followed up with the crocheted picot edge using a single strand of the seduce, in the soft purple color way. I used this stitch on my last project and loved it, after I saw it in used Jane Thornley's news letter, she showed a knitted picot bind off, which I think is even more elegant and flowery looking than the crocheted version if you have active stitches to finish off.

So that's the wrap up of my Free Range Wrap, I look forward to torturing all my friends and family by making them see me wear it all the time!!!

Blessings Friends!

1 comment:

    You must wear it to the Fleece Fair for all of us to admire.
    Very anxious to see it in person.
    Great Job!!!


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