Friday, July 31, 2009

Pink Magic Wrap

Hello! Here's the finished Pink Magic Wrap! I wanted something wide enough to be used as a small wrap width wise, but not so wide that it would be bulky around the neck in case the friend I am making it for is not a wrap person and chooses to use it scrunched up as a scarf. The dimensions are 9"x 50"

It's hard to get the entire length into the photo and still show the detail, so here is a close up of half of the wrap.

The picot edge done in a lighter shade. You may remember if you read about the Pink Magic yarn I spun, I had just a little of the lighter single left over after plying the Pink Magic, so I plied it with natural white from the same fiber batch. It worked out perfectly, I had just exactly enough to crochet the picot edge on both ends...whew!!!

Here I'm blocking may notice the center medallion looks a bit different than the final picture posted at the beginning. Yep! That center bit went through so many incarnations. I didn't document all the false starts I ended up ripping out before landing on this and thinking that I was home free! Another thing I should mention, after it was wet blocked, some of the life went out of the yarn, so when I was steam blocking the picot edging and the new crocheted bits in the center, I ever so lightly gave a little puff of steam to the rest of the wrap. That worked nicely, the lace work is still distinct, as well as the nicely defined edges. But just that once over with the steam gave the yarn a bit of it's life back.

The problem with the center as shown is two fold (at the very least) I do not really know what I'm doing, so I just dig in and make it up as I go along, there were too many rounds to the medallion design, so that unless you placed the wrap just so, it puffed out a bit. This was not the look I was going for. In the had to go, so I removed the more heavily crocheted center flower, drew the design in, and with a few finishing touches, there you have it!

I was able to get this photo of it full length on the couch. I really loved working on this project, this is the first time I have dyed my own yarn and spun for a specific project, it was really gratifying. It's even more special knowing this fiber came from a friend.

Blessings Friends!

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  1. It looks fabulous, good job.
    Can't wait to see it in person on the show and tell table Sat.
    You are very creative.


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