Friday, June 26, 2009

A Little Test Spin

I can't really post about all my projects this week, since I am saving them for surprises, but I will share this test spin I have done to see how I like these two singles together, and to show how I am getting the hang of plying with my new wheel. I have learned my lesson after the first run through, where I plied TONS of yardage and hadn't given it quite enough twist when I was spinning the singles to account for the back spin when plying and I wasn't 100% thrilled with the results. This time I'm adding a little zing, the bright pink, which on it's own is a real eye opener, to balance out the far too muted but pretty, pinkish buff tones of the other single. The pink bobbin is a blend of fine wool and alpaca. The beige bobbin is natural Romney (80%) Kid Mohair (10%) and Tussah Silk (10%.) Originally I had plied the beige to itself, but it lost all it's magic when plied, the two together are a good balance. Now, on to plying what remains on the bobbins!

Have a great week! Good luck with all your projects, plans and adventures!!!

Blessings Friends!

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