Friday, April 24, 2009

The Little Pink House

I went for my walk today and came across an amazing sight, a pink house. What first caught my attention though, wasn't the pinkness, (The very same as the shawl I am currently knitting.) I had my sunglasses on, so the color wasn’t initially apparent. It was all the charms dangling from the rafters of the front porch. Wind chimes, all of them unique and delightful. I thought to myself, this person has hung chimes like I do. One was made of frosted glass bells in the colors of sherbet. I raised my sun glasses to get a better look, and took in the full pinkness of it. The charms twisted and danced in the wind, caught up in their own tethers, they were oddly silent. I followed them along the roof line where they hung. They directed my eyes to a little patch of garden in a miniscule front yard. I couldn’t say which I noticed first, because the magic of the place carried my eye from object to object as the artist intended. Of the three icons planted there, the first was the Mother Mary. Her dress sky blue, arms beckoning with open palms. Though she faced west, she lilted like the Tower of Pisa, giving a nod to the east. Next on a pillar to the rear of the Virgin and forming the apex of the triangle made by these three icons, perched a golden Indian elephant. Trunk upraised, symbolizing good fortune, and also I might add, pointing to the east. The saddle and bridle were opulent with jewels. The third icon, while less obvious than the others, spoke to a more personal reverence of the owner, a well worn work boot or maybe a traveling boot. (I have a hunch this is the case.) Resplendently honored in it’s resting place with a shiny coat of gold. The sole curled up toward the sky so that it bent over the sprung open toe as if frozen in a bow, aimed, you guessed it, toward the east.

I was delighted. It was as if this were all arranged for my eye, just waiting for me to discover. Like a puzzle and an invitation all at once. As I made my way home, I amused myself with the idea of the gift I could give in return. There should be three things I think, in keeping with the symbolism. First I thought of one of my keys, I collect old keys, maybe with a pink ribbon looped through the eyelet. For the second gift, a packet of daisy seeds. I really fancy daisies, they’re one of my favorite flowers, they’re so welcoming and they look good with pink. Once I received a bouquet of baby pink carnations together with daisies, so simple and pleasing that I have never forgotten them and it warms my heart still. So that’s two gifts, now for the third. Think, think, think. I have a chime fashioned from flattened silver spoons made to look like happy little fish. I think it’s perfect and what’s more, I think the owner will grasp the double meaning.

Lastly, the note:

Hello to you little pink house.

Today you have charmed my walk.

Though I roam all over,

I must never have walked exactly this way before,

Because I would, most certainly have noticed you.

You stand out like a jewel among the ordinary.

Please accept these gifts.

OK, everyone, enjoy your walking adventures in this beautiful spring sunshine! Live in a world where the ordinary can also be the extraordinary! Please keep your eye out for everyday miracles!

Blessings Friends!



  1. I have goose bumps!! Did you ever leave the parcel? Did you ever walk by again and see your gifts displayed? Have you ever met the house owner? I'll bet she's 'one of us'!! :)

  2. Ahhh, there's a bit of a mystery there, maybe I need to do another post? You are right, the person living there has a little something special.


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