Friday, April 3, 2009

I Wish You'd Sit Still!

I needed a new photo for my homepage, I’ve been putting off changing it…seems so silly asking someone to take a picture of me, right? So the other day I thought I’d see if my mom wouldn’t mind taking a picture of me…

Standing up to take the photo was a no-go, she’s 85 and a little unsteady on her feet…I wish now I hadn’t deleted those photos, but I’m sure you can imagine. So we got her settled in a chair and tried again.

Now I thought it would be easy for her because the viewfinder is this big screen covering the whole back of the camera, and because she loves figuring out gadgets. But she was trying to find me in there, and I was ALL over the place!!!

“I wish you’d sit still!” she scolded me. Then I teased her as if I were her, scolding ME too, what’s a matter with you? Did you eat jumping beans or something? Come on now, for peets sake…what? Are you sitting on a feather? Sit still!!! And it was like an earthquake erupted on the view finder as we both giggled…and she continued to laugh and scold me for moving! “Can you just sit still please?”

Here are some of the photo’s.

I sort of like this one the best, it’s like there’s a space for someone to come and sit next to me.

Blessings Friends!

1 comment:

  1. Too cute! My favorite is the middle one of three. I think that one is perfect . . . well, you could crop the right side a little. Your mother did a great job considering the subject was sitting on a feather. LOL


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