Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spinners Flock

Last Saturday I attended my first official meeting as a member of the Spinners Flock Guild. It was especially nice because my friend Jan was doing the program on angora spinning and because the weather was just wonderful! I met Jan the first time I went to a Fiber Fair about three or so years ago, I was with the spinning group from City Knitting and bought some of her angora fiber. And we became friends over the ensuing years as we talked about angora rabbits, gardening, organizing, knitting, spinning… and of course I am happy to have a source of angora fiber! If you are interested in angora fiber, I would be delighted to put you in touch with Jan.

In response to the knitting needle organizer I put together using a tote, Jan has told me about the unique organized holders she has come up with. We have been trying to get together at one of the Spinners Flock meetings, but the winter weather just would not cooperate! Saturday’s drive was wonderful and I was finally able to see what Jan was describing to me, I think you’re going to love her ideas!

I especially love how she used the old blue jean pockets and legs. With the legs that have been made into needle holders, I’m not sure if you can tell from my photograph, but there is a flap of cloth that folds over the top to keep the needles safe, and then the whole thing can be rolled up like a tube. The other detail I wanted to point out is where she embroidered the size of the crochet hook on the slot on the outside of the pocket for each of the crochet hooks. And the bunny potholder has been re-purposed to hold those chubby knitting needles, how cute! It’s a very clever way to reuse and I can see where these ideas will help me get my knitting needles even more organized. Plus, who doesn’t have old blue jeans waiting to be re-purposed into something else?

At the meeting, I bought some more white angora and some beautiful soft, blueish black lama/mohair blend that will make a nice shawl. Jan had some really good tips for spinning angora, and spinning in general, for example she recommend leaving your yarn on the bobbin overnight to “rest” in between spinning and plying or whatever your next step might be. Good to know.

I’ve got some yarn on the bobbin right now, I’m spinning some beautiful Caribbean blue angora my friend Kim sent me. She and her hubby Kevin and their two boys (well one is just a baby, so I’m pretty sure he’s kind of a freeloader for right now…but it wont be long!) raise Alpaca and she has been very generous to me with gifts of fiber! When I get it plied, I’ll post a photo.

It’s been a good spring week!

Blessings Friends!


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