Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Cissie

It’s my girly cat Cissie’s 12th birthday today and she’s such a good and funny friend to me I thought I’d share a cute picture of her and her brother Duncan. This picture was taken at my old apartment. My eyes have gotten used to Cissie, so I am always surprised when people ask, “Do you still have that great big calico?” I have to laugh because compared to her brother she is very petite! Duncan, no longer with us, toped out at 26 pounds and from the tip of his nose to his hinder he was two feet long! The Mom of these two? Believe it or not, a tiny black and orange tortoiseshell, named pumpkin, who probably only weighed about 6-8 pounds soaking wet.

Speaking of soaking wet, when they were kittens, I thought I might get them de-sensitized to baths by starting them early…RIGHT! Cissie was less vocal than her brother, whom you would have thought by the sound of it, was being run through a sausage maker! I can still hear the ROWWWERRRRR! Now I know this bath thing made a Huge impression on the smaller but smarter Cissie. My sister had given the kittens tiny stuffed toy cats just like themselves a calico for Cissie and a butterscotch colored stuffed toy for Duncan.

One day I came home, and what do I find but little baby (toy) Duncan floating face down in the water dish. And I thought, oh, one of the kittens must have accidentally flipped it into the water dish. I fished it out, and washed it and clipped it to dry by the tail from this garment rack in my dining room. I knew it was more than a coincidence and that Cissie was seriously frustrated with her big toughie of a brother when I came home and found “little baby Duncan” floating face down in the toilet!!! It startled the heck out of me, because at first I didn’t recognize what it was! Just this floating wispy orange thing. Then the dilemma, ditch little baby Duncan, flush him, fish him out and wash him? Well, I fished him out and because I could not imagine throwing him away, so I washed him a few times. And always made sure to check the guest bathroom after company to make sure the lid went back down! No more deep sea adventures for “little baby Duncan”, no matter how annoyed the bossy miss Cissie gets!

And she is bossy! Once, when Duncan was still around, out of the clear blue, he started taking over her favorite spot. Well this spot was really high, I had a small apartment, and a love of antique furniture and tag sale finds, so I had started stacking tables and chests. Cissie’s perch was on top of this cool primitive cupboard with lots of little cubbys and drawers, the problem was that on top of the cupboard was a collection of plaster angel statues and a candelabra. So by the time Duncan bounded up on the two tables and squoze his caboose into Cissie’s spot, it was like a minor earthquake had taken place. I was worried that eventually there might be more than just a whole lot a shaken goin on, and I might end up with some fatalities in the statue neighborhood if I didn’t take matters into hand. So I moved a few things around and made it inaccessible to the jumpers. Cissie was miffed, if we lived in cartoon land there would have been a little dark storm cloud over her head! This went on for a couple of days, then one day I was sitting there and she came over by me and sat right down in front of me, and I swear to you it’s like she used her kitty mind meld on me. Because I said to her, what’s up Ciss? And I could tell she wanted something, she was so intent as she looked at me, What’s up ciss? And I leaned a little closer. Then I asked her again, Cissie, what’s up? And I leaned right down by her. And THAWK,THAWK!!! She cuffed me right up side the head, TWICE!!! That little dickens was mad that she couldn’t have her spot, she got her point across!

She’s really is a sweetie, funny little gal. Happy Birthday Cissie!

I’ll catch up with you folks on Friday, have a great rest of the week!

Blessings Friends!


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