Friday, January 30, 2009

Cappuccino Surprise

You know how I love the COFFEE, right?
So early one morning I'm fixin up my cappuccino.  It was practically the middle of the night and I got this brilliant idea. What would make cappuccino even better tasting when it's already so scrumptious you might ask yourself?   Well, I'll tell you. Chocolate! I have this espresso flavored chocolate bar and I broke off this little chunk and dropped it into the hot cappuccino so that it could melt into it. Except that it didn't melt... and then I forgot all about it.  So fast forward, time elapses and I'm sitting in the doctors office pouring it into the thermos cup, when I see what looks like a soppy turd (Pardon, but I'm trying to help you visualize my shock.) in the bottom of my bottle.  I quietly freak out (in my head) because I've have been drinking this coffee all morning and was just getting to the end of the bottle when the 
TURD became visible!!!  At first I couldn't quite recognize it. I was imagining, that somehow while I was sitting there in the waiting room some kind of tiny rodent or large bug had crawled up the side of my thermos and drowned itself... without me or anyone else, for that matter, noticing!  How could that have happened?!!! I thought I might gag but I was trying to play it cool because people were around and I didn't want to draw attention to my situation.  I kind of casually squinted at it, you know, sort of side ways like, for a few seconds, and then it all came back to me.  I then recalled my formerly brilliant idea to throw a chunk of chocolate in my coffee. Genius! This is what happens when you get up in the middle of the night like I do! 

Lesson learned; chocolate melts in your mouth...not in your coffee!

Blessings Friends

(Geez Melis ... talk about imagination, that's some clever mouse, he'd need rock climbing equipment to scale the side of my thermos... or at the very least suction cups. A cappuccino lovin mouse that smart most likely is bound to use a safety harness, Right? I doubt he would have drowned.)

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