Friday, April 13, 2012


You might remember seeing Beth at Visions of Sugar Plums post about these cute little buns on last weeks FOF Blog Hop. I thought they were so cute that I wanted to make up a bunch myself. This is what's remains after the little (and not so little) kidlettes adopted their own bun to take home. This batch will be posted off to my little goddaughter. I know Easter has passed, but who doesn't love a little bun?

I had so much fun making the bunnies that I decided to branch out. Another tiny friend of mine is absolutely crazy about T-Rex, and when I couldn't find a pattern I liked I decided to make up my own. These are the first amigurumi (ah-mee-guh-ROO-mee) I've ever made, I have friends who love these little stuffed, crocheted toys, I see tons of their favorites over on Ravelry and I'm beginning to see why! They are super fun to make and a great way to use up scrap yarn.

He's a thoughtful little T-Rex, thinking deep dinosaur thoughts. I'm sure if I send a little bun along in the parcel, he wont chomp on it...right?

Be sure to pop over and check out all the fabulous bloggers on Wonder Why Gal's F.O.Friday!

Blessings Friends, I hope you have a delightful weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness, cuteness overload!! I love the bunnies, which are fabulous all year round, why should they only have Easter? I say a bunny any day! And your T-Rex, how cool you just whipped up your own dinosaur. That is just FUN!

    1. (Whew, you are a speedy, I just got this posted!) You have little ones Andria, have you gotten pulled in to the world of tiny crochet? I can tell I may be on the brink of going a little overboard. They are so cute and tiny and then you have this fun little toy to give away!

  2. Just too sweet and sooooo much talent!

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "Forrest"

  3. That T-Rex is absolutely adorable. I love the bunnies too but he is a fun one. I do love these projects but I get so intimidated when I read the patterns. Too much detail on tiny needles. I'm still getting used to the tiny needles.

  4. I am so impressed! You are going to make lots of little people happy. Heck- these would make big people happy, too!

  5. This T-Rex is too busy in his deep thoughts to eat up bunnies, in fact, he may engage them in a philosophical conversation for the whole trip. "Eggs you say? No, I can't possibly eat eggs. Who lays purple eggs anyway?"

  6. Too cute!!!! The t-rex is beyond adorable.

  7. Absolutely love the little buns and Trex. They will be adored for a long long time. You are just tooooo sweet.

    Finally got the comment page to load so I could read all the others and make one myself.


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