Friday, August 6, 2010

Wire Core Spin Along

This months spin along in the Art Yarn Spinners Group on Ravelry is wire core yarn. When I saw all the cool, beautiful, inspiring spins, I just had to give it a try myself. What a blast! These first two photos are two views of the same yarn, my first wire core spin.

Doodle Yarn (view 1 above, v2 below)

And even though I have another great spin project I am already working on, I could not resist some more playing with this technique! After spinning, I shaped this yarn into the curls and twirls that I love to see, it reminded me of a bright beautiful doodle, which seemed like the perfect name...Doodle Yarn.

Doodle Bracelet 1

When we were having show and tell at my spinning group, I showed them my first wire core spin, it was all coiled up to keep it from spronging everywhere and getting tangled, my spin friend Tamara said it would make a great bracelet! That really stuck with me, so when I did my second spin, I fashioned the doodle wire into these two Doodle Bracelets. They're fun to wear, very whimsical, which is totally my cup of tea!

Doodle Bracelet 2

If you're a spinner, or you just like art yarn, you should check out the Novelty and Art Yarn Spinners group, you'll be completely inspired by the artists in the group, as I always am! And if you're not a spinner, but want to own some unique, fabulous yarn to knit with or to just feast your eyes on, you will find that a number of the spinners are big time sellers/instructors with their own shops!

Have a great weekend! Blessings friends!


  1. That is amazing.
    I can't imagine using wire to spin with! You could do it in red, white, and blue for some holidays and red green and white for Christmas. Even yellow, brown, orange for fall. Create garland or decorations or plant holders. I'll bet it would even make some fun cat toys. Maybe a cat basket?
    Run with this now too, you seem to have such fun in all this. I am envious.

  2. Jan, you should give it a try, you've got a billion times the spinning skills and fiber!

  3. This is so cool! I just love it. I am anxious ot try it, but have to finish the 2 projects in front of this one. Otherwise they won't get finished! Still hackling along and have some seed beads to add to a skein. Will post if I ever get them finished.

  4. Wow! I have never heard of using wire. I love trying new ways to spin. I'll have to check out the group.

  5. Melissa, I love your doodle yarn! I'm going to check out the Ravelry art yarn group, thanks for suggesting.


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