Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm A Sparkle Junkie

I freely admit it, I'm a sparkle junkie! I make no apologies, I love the combination of color and sparkle in spinning..and,well, in anything. So it's not a big surprise that I have added tons of Angelina colors to my shop but I've also given them a little twist of my own. I'm in the process of creating custom blended Angelina fibers based on some of my favorite color palettes that I've been using in my dyed fiber and art batt blends!

This special blend is my PixieDust color palette. I could dive into this yummy sparkly goodness! The picture doesn't completely capture the depth of color and sparkle, but it comes close. My all time favorite color palette captured in sparkle, what could be better!!!

One of my other personal favorite color palettes, this is LightningBug. This color palette evokes quiet summer evenings and the childhood delight of chasing those glowing little lightning bugs that seem to twinkle and disappear only to reappear as if by magic.

Paint a Sunset
We have beautiful sunsets here in Michigan (I may, however, be partial.) and I tried to capture the glorious hues and depths of color in this palette I've named, Paint a Sunset. This was so tricky to photograph,
as anyone who has tried to photograph Angelina will confirm. Angelina is a very mysterious fiber, very chameleon like, which is what makes it so wonderful and surprising when blended with other fibers like wool, alpaca and silk (just to name a few) but this same quality makes it a bit of a bugger to photograph! (Camera shy maybe?)

I have a few more custom blended Angelina palettes I'll be listing in the next few days. I painstakingly blended each batch by hand, which is no easy task, as you can imagine if you've ever worked with Angelina, but it's totally worth it for the depth of color and sparkle that is achieved. I'm very excited about these one of a kind blends!

I hope you have a delightful weekend and that in all the hubbub of this wonderful and festive season, you are finding some creative time for yourself too!
Blessings Friends!


  1. ooooh, I LOVE the new colors. Your lightning bug is totally rockin. I am still using the angelina I got from you last spring but I'm thinking I may need to add a couple of new colors.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Magnificent! I especially love the red (sunset)and can see it with some Angora. Your labors of love are delightful.

  3. They're all beautiful - I am of course drawn to the sunset one but the Pixie Dust is a close second

  4. So what exactly is Angelina? Is it like nylon or polyester? I suppose I could ask The Google, but you know... it's easier to ask you. ;-)

    I spent quite a bit of time in Michigan about 11 years ago. I would have to say the sunrises are amazing. The giant sun coming over the trees. The color sorta stratified like those prints from the 80's. Just beautiful.

  5. Hi Katherine, yep Angelina is a polyester fiber, but it has a super fine denier, so it's a nice soft way to add sparkle and color to fiber.

  6. Oh the sparkles really sparkle! It's so easy for shiny things to look like costume jewelry, but yours always look so artsy and classy.

  7. They look like they'd make lovely Christmas tree ornaments!

  8. How festive!! I agree with Beth...Christmas 'lights' requiring NO electricity!! :)

  9. Amazing colours, I love the sunset one especially! Thanks for your comment on my blog, I love that you've read the Outlander series. I like to tell myself I live near where the stone circle would be if it existed--not far from Inverness.

  10. I love Painted Sunset too - that seems to be a particular favorite with this group. :)

    I have not handled Angelina on its own, but do love, love, love the sparklies it adds when combined with other fiber. I have no trouble channeling my inner sparkle ho. :)


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