Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting My Fiber Ducks In A Row

This has been a week filled with all the little steps of preparation that go into working with fiber, a week of getting my fiber ducks in a row. I'm doing some mini batts, like those above which I made for my spinning friends. I hope they like the colors, my eye likes to see a lot of color, as you can tell.

Next, I dyed up some Wenslydale locks in my Vintage Velvet Flowers Palette, I want to hog them all for myself!!!

Ahhh, heavenly clouds of fluffy clean white alpaca, I could just dive in!

I added the finishing touches to my PixieDust fingerless gloves by crocheting a picot edge in the pink angora I dyed up just for this project, they make my hands happy!

So, that's a peek at my studio doings for the week, a lot of little stepping stones go into completing a project and I have enjoyed every bit of the process.

Have a great weekend! Blessings Friends!


  1. Busy Busy! Beautiful Vintage colors. Lovely! Tamara

  2. Those mini bats are cute, I am partial to the blue.
    Love the edging you put on the gloves.
    Saw the new cocoons you put in your shop. I like the green.
    Alpaca is soooo soft!
    You are having too much fun, Love it.

  3. Ooh, those mini batts are stunning!!!


  4. Ooo can I dive into your alpaca too?

  5. Such glorious colours and textures you're working with. Very pleased to have discovered your blog!

  6. I want those Wenslydale locks. They look heavenly! Your mini-batts are beautiful too. What am I saying, I am always loving what you create. The finishing touches on your mitts really put the pow in them. They turned out great.

    Loving all of the productive fiber arts so far this year.
    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  7. I've never worked with Wensleydale before. Those locks look like a lot of fun to work with.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!! I'm having fiber envy. ;)

    Thanks for sharing with Crafty Friday!

  9. I love your gloves! Did you use a pattern?

  10. I can picture a mound of those colorful locks in a basket as a center piece for a table.

  11. Melissa, your eye for color always amazes me. Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  12. Makes me want to go spin, should I get dressed first? Beautiful!


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