Friday, December 11, 2009

Spring Cleaning As The Snow Gets Deeper!

Boy have I been busy, I'm in the middle of an enormous re-org and I'm making great progress too. Cupboards are cleared out and reorganized, furniture rearranged everything is getting a nice spiffing up...I have thrown away so much flotsam, I think the neighbors may be wondering about the volume of trash being toted out! It's a funny time of year to do my spring cleaning don't you think? Meanwhile the snow storm blows on for the third day now, today it really piled up! It feels good to get things tidy and organized, but I do miss my projects. I've made a tiny bit of progress on my angora scarf, and last night and tonight I did a some more spinning of the llama/mohair I will use to make a scarf for my nephew. He is leaving early January to go live in Ireland for a few months, lucky duck, and I want him to be cozy warm in the damp Irish winter/spring. I have three full bobbins, I think one more will do it. It felt nice to spin, boy do I love spinning. I hope your holiday projects are coming along nicely and that you are all safe and warm somewhere dreaming of sugar plums.

Have a great week! Blessings Friends!

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