Friday, January 13, 2012

Free Range Shawl

I finally finished this free range shawl (free range knitting = multiple yarns/sizes/colors knitted in combined strands and individually, changing stitches and making up the design as you knit.) and it has been safely delivered to its new home, so now, at long last, I can share pictures! I decided on a flower and vine theme and used multiple shades of green accented with pops of orange/gold and with tons of texture.

Here's are some close-ups of the knitted fabric to give you a better view of how all the different fibers work together.

Nearly all of the shawl is knitted in my hand spun art yarn, you can get a better feel for the different styles of yarn I used, shown here in individual strands. I even crocheted my own berry and vine yarn out of recycled cotton. The orange yarn is a Navajo plied, super bulky, with crochet flowers spun in and gorgeous lengths of sari silk ribbons. I also used a spring green to spin a cocoon yarn. The other mossy green, which is the base yarn, has tail spun Lincoln locks and strips of batik fabric, plus lots of other goodies. I really enjoyed working on this project, I got to play with some different spinning techniques and the free spirited, make it up as you go knitting, is my favorite!

I finished the wrist cuff I started last week. I ended up changing the buttons about a hundred times, I think these really work. I crocheted some lace for the edge and then decided not to add it...the design process for me is all about try it out and take it off if it doesn't work. The lace is already being re-purposed in another project, so it's not wasted. During the embellishing process, I gather a palette of beads and buttons, ribbons, floss and other goodies...I end up with this ever growing tray of elements that starts off looking all neat and tidy, but by the end I have a lot of reorganizing and putting away to do!

You can see the whole length here, I made the ribbon roses out of pale pink and lavender organdy, the darker bluish purple flowers are on a bit of trim I had left over from some baby booties I knit.

So there's a little glimpse of what I've been up to lately, I hope you are having a creative 2012 as well!

Blessings Friends!


  1. The shawl and the cuff are both stunning! I can't decide which I like better. What a gorgeous way to showcase your beautiful handspun yarns. It really is breathtaking. I adore the cuff too. You are so talented and I always am inspired see your creativity.

  2. Both of these projects are amazing. I do a lot of my creating like you...try it and see. Gives the project a little life of its own, right?

  3. Oh my, how wonderful the shawl is. Love how you used so many textures and colors. The recepient is so very lucky.

    The cuff is delightful with all the goodies you put in it.

    Your talents are endless!

  4. That shawl is AWESOME! I LOVE it!!

  5. Oh wow I'm impressed with your shawl, what a stunning design. I love the cuff too, I want, I want, I want!! Just love visiting and seeing your creativity.

  6. Love, love, love that shawl!!!! Talk about a piece of wearable art. I hope the recipient loves it as well.

  7. Just loving your free range shawl, such beautiful colors, cheers Marie

  8. Such super projects, gorgeous and inspirational, they make my pattern following seem very rigid and uncreative!

  9. I LOVE your free range shawl, so creative! and the cuff is adorable. I do a lot of "try and see" too, sometimes things work and sometimes they don't, it's all fun.

  10. Beautiful projects! When I saw your free range shawl pic my first thought was....what a beautiful necklace. Hmmmmm, maybe a smaller version in your future?

  11. Melissa--It's so much fun to see some of the pieces 'in process' in the making of my delicious shawl!
    I absolutely love it, and YOU for making such a beautiful gift for me!! XXO-

  12. I laughed at the title of your blog today! I was trying to figure out what you were talking about with free range. Then my mouth dropped open when I saw your shawl. Stunning. Stunning. I noted the crochet flowers. They accent the shawl wonderfully. Beautiful.

  13. The shawl is incredible. I just love the effect you achieved. It looks like living nature!

  14. I love your shawl and the yarn is fantastic! Your cuff bracelet is beautiful as well. Thanks for visiting and your nice comments!!

  15. Your shawl is beautifully organic--simply lovely!



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