Friday, October 21, 2011


Whew, I am so glad to have this project behind me! For the last three weeks, along with all my other fiber projects, I have been diligently spinning away on 2 3/4 pounds of alpaca, spun worsted weight. (Zzzzzzz) In between alpaca spinning, I got some dyeing done for my shop, and took advantage of some nice weather to get some more fleece sorted. Then it was back to the alpaca, always back to the alpaca! I ended up with 9 skeins, each 4 ounces (some were a little more) and the average yardage was 146. (I add this info, because I know my fiber friend Jan will want the statistics, we like to talk about stuff like this, we're fiber geeks, lol) By the time you read this, all these lovely little skeins will have been picked up and I will have happily said good-bye to them. I'm already working on other things, my eyes needed a goodly dose of color!

Pretty cosmic looking, huh? It's silk I have prepared for painting. This is photographed from the underside. (It reminds me of Close Encounters) Before I can paint on the silk, I needed to draw the design on in resist (It keeps all the color trapped in one place on the fabric, otherwise the dye would seep all over.) It needs to dry completely before I can begin painting.

The silk is all painted and drying at the mo, when it's dry, I will set the color and wash out the resist. Since I needed two of the exact same design, I cheated and stretched them on the frame together...we will see how it worked, the resist went through both layers, so that was successful. But when I pulled back a little corner and peeked at the second layer, it doesn't look like the color is as intense. This was just along the edge though, so that may be why the color wasn't as concentrated. We shall see how the more saturated images transferred to the second layer of silk when I am able to separate them. The white sprinkles all over the surface are large salt crystals. The crystals absorb some of the dye and create an interesting effect.

I hope you have been having some wonderful artsy adventures yourself this past week!
Blessings Friends!


  1. The silk is GORGEOUS! I am intrigued to see what you create with it. Yes, spinning that much of anything for a project is tedious. I hate those commissioned large are a trooper for sticking to it.

  2. Oh my dear friend...this is going to be awesome!!
    ...and don't forget...the second piece is just 'insurance' for me. Hopefully, I will not even need to touch it! XXO-

  3. That's a lot of spinning! Looks great though

    I love the pre-painted shot of the silk, it looks so intense :)

  4. the alpaca looks so gorgeous, such a lovely warm color.

  5. I love that alpaca!!!!!!

    And very intriguing on the silk painting. What did you use as a resist? I really like how the top one is looking - and will wait to see it without the salt crystals (which are just every painter's friend, no?).

  6. I'd love to see the finished silk paint, what beautiful colors! The alpaca is gorgeous, what a lucky recipient.

  7. Lovely projects, your yarn looks gorgeous and your silk painting is beautiful

  8. Congrats on getting your alpaca done. Looks like it came out really nice. Yes I would have ask for the stats, thanks.
    The silk scarves look wonderful, are they for your shop?
    Will miss you this week end.

  9. I used a simple water based resist for silk painting, the one I use is from Jacquard.

  10. Would you mind sharing a brief description of how you prep and spin alpaca? I have three big zip bags full of alpaca, and I know how to wash it ... but it is giving me the dickens carding and spinning. Is there a secret to it?

  11. Great yarn! Your silk art is amazing, I'm so impressed!

  12. Before I even started reading, I thought... that's a big pile of brown yarn, which I don't see here very often. Actually, I don't think I've seen anything like that here before. ;-)

    Of course, I like it. I'm a big fan of brown. :-)

    I love your silk... definately looking forward to seeing the finished project.


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