Thursday, September 15, 2011

Love All the Way From South Africa!!

Look at this awesome package I received from Natalie, all the way from the Republic of South Africa! We were paired in the Sending Love Heart Swap over at Natural Suburbia and I couldn't be more thrilled! Natalie sent me these wonderful red fingerless gloves, which I really need, since my hands get so cold sometimes. I will get just as much use from them indoors as I will outdoors, very nice. Plus she made me a beautiful little silver plaque embossed with a tree and a moon and star. I need more trees in my life, maybe this will be the first of many beautiful trees to come into my life. Natalie also makes and sells yummy seasoning blends in her shop, Marigoldsloft and she shared a delicious blend of herbs, Himalayan salt crystals and sea salt. I used it when I made chicken soup the other day, it was a good complement to the soup. I love it! And I really love my heart swap parcel, thanks Natalie!!!

This is the little stained glass panel I made for Natalie, it's about 8x8 inches and I was so relieved that it made it all the way to South Africa safe and sound!

It has been a good week for crossing things off that old to do list, and some of those things were knitting UFO's which are now complete. This is the Mystic Midsummer Wreath Mystery KAL I had been plugging away on. As you can see, I have finished it and it's all blocked, YEA!

I really enjoyed this KAL, and now it makes the boring vanilla socks I cast on so that I would have something on the needles, a big giant snooze fest.

It's hard to tell, but I added a little sprinkle of clear iridescent and silver beads in the rows between the two lace charts.

My bobble sleeping socks/slippers, became my mum's slippers. As I was finishing them she made so many comments about how nice they matched her robe...Sooo

How could I resist? They look so cute on her, and she is tickled with them, plus they're really warm and her tootsies get cold. I think I'll try for another pair for myself, we'll see how that goes LOL!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Blessings Friends!


  1. What a great swap. Your stained glass is gorgeous and her gift to you is equally awesome. Your shawl is just breathtaking. I love the bead accents. Finally...those socks are super sassy. Since I got to meet your mom briefly at Fiber Festival, I think it's even more awesome. You are a rock star! See you tonight at Sue's?

  2. Beautiful swap goodies and fibre projects. The socks look super warm and snuggly, boring vanilla socks are good for chatting and knitting, I always lose the pattern if I try anything too complicated at knit night!

  3. I might have to try the next swap. It looks like so much fun. Love the finished projects and the socks sharing! Hope you get to keep a pair soon.

  4. Fantastic swap, I love the tree you got (I adore trees) and the stained glass is beautiful.

  5. I LOVE your shawl! it's so cool to do a swap with someone in South Africa, looks like you both got lovely goodies!

  6. Hello! Your shawl is really beautiful and those socks so wonderful - so lovely colours!
    Thank you for your visit! Teje

  7. Wow!...have you been busy or what? Your stained glass piece turned out great and how amazing it made it all that distance without breaking.

    Your shawl is stunning and I'm sure you mum just loves her new socks. The bobbles are to cute.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!!

  8. Wow you have been busy. No wonder I hardly hear from you. The swap goodies are awesome on both sides.
    Beautiful shawl, did you save the pattern? Mum's socks are fantastic. Make the next pair a color she doesn't like, haha.

  9. Your shawl is magnificent! Truly a work of art. The iridescent beads are perfect and give it that shimmer. I am sure Natalie loved her stain glass piece. That must have been nerve wracking sending all the way to S.A. How on earth did you package it??

  10. what a fun swap and an absoultly gorgeous shawl. lovely color too!

  11. What a lot of wonderful projects and a great swap!! Your bobble socks are SO cute...I've never seen socks like this before! :)

  12. Hi Melissa,

    Wow, you took an amazing photo of the goodies, I love your socks.

    Look forward to swapping more in the makes the world seem sooooo small doesn't it!

    Thanks again.


  13. Wow! So much Awesome!

    I just love it when someone really likes what you're working on. It makes it almost impossible to keep the thing you intended to make for yourself. :-)

  14. Is it just me or is every picture you posted above wonderful? I love them all, and your swap looks fantastic.

  15. What a wonderful swap partner you had! Such a wonderful gift!

    Your Mom is a very lucky lady! Those socks are adorable and you can feel good knowing that her feet will be warm this winter. I'm sure you can whip a pair up for yourself in no time. I'm not usually a fan of bobbles, but those are so darn cute I may just have to knit a pair myself. :)

  16. What a wonderful swap package. The gloves are beautiful!!!

  17. wow you have been busy! Love the color of those gloves. I'm sure you will get good use out of them. That shawl is gorgeous! So light and drapy.


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