Friday, July 22, 2011


I've been plugging away at my Tour De Fleece goals which were to work on blending alpaca with various fibers and also to process and spin Suri alpaca. I've really enjoyed working on both goals. I have to confess I have several projects going on, this is unusual for me. I typically work on 1-2 projects steadily until they're complete. This week I pulled out an old UFO, a crocheted afghan I started eons ago. Mum already claimed it. Then I decided I liked the crochet stitch so well, that I'm working up a scarf. In addition to that I am in the home stretch of finishing a special woven project. And if that wasn't enough, I pulled out the gesso, got my surface prepped and started a new oil painting. See what I mean, I'm really bouncing around creatively. In the spinning department, I've been plying some of my TDF spins. I'm still mulling over the gold bobbin pictured above, I did a little test ply using a really pretty metallic thread from sulky. I need to live with it a bit to determine if it's the right finish for this single. That's ok, plenty of other bobbins are waiting to be plied!

I hope you are keeping cool, have a wonderful weekend!
Blessings Friends!


  1. oooh, the yellow is gorgeous. Using that thread gives it a lopi affect. See you tonight!

  2. Your week sounds a bit like mine...all the bouncing around! The gold yarn is such a pretty color, and that Sulky thread is so nice! I just picked up some Holoshimmer from Sulky, is that the same color?

  3. Love the color, not sure of the texture. Keep bouncing and you will soon have many things done.
    Happy spinning!

  4. Wow, that is a lot of bouncing around crafts - sometimes that seems to be the best thing for keeping creativity going though! Love your thread plied yarn

  5. I like the texture of the gold skein as it is. It has personality!

  6. What fun...all of your artistic endeavors. I love the yellow pretty!

  7. The yarn is a bit on the squiggly side for the moment, it will disappear when I set the twist though since it's such a skinny single.

  8. Wow, what busy week you've had.

    It's good to know that the squiggliness will disappear once the twist is set. I plyed the art batt we did with a silver thread and it is very squiggly looking. Wasn't sure if I made the right choice.

    Hopefully mine will look better once the twist is set.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!! See you tonight.

  9. I love that gold yarn! Very posh looking :)

  10. I love that yarn! I've never tried plying with thread, but you've inspired me with this and I've been playing with art yarns lately. Already have some of the sulky thread so I'll have to give it a go!

  11. The metallic thread in your handspun is beautiful! (so is your handspun)

  12. I like the texture ... and the color!


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