Friday, May 27, 2011

Faerie Cottage

Part of the creative process for me means that sometimes I just need to let the idea percolate. I've wanted to make my own little Faerie Cottage for some time, I've seen some really great creations, I just needed to wait for...the right idea to come to me. I've made this faerie cottage and the faerie using the wet felt technique of layering feltable fibers, wetting the layered fibers and rolling them up around a foam tube (water noodle) and then rolling the whole wet, soapy business until it felted.(Here's a tip, when I do the rolling part, I use the top of my washing machine and all the excess water seeps around the washer lid and into the washing machine. It sure saves a lot of clean up!) This created wonderfully textured and sparkly felted fabric. I then needle felted the fabric into the shapes you see here.

This is my little Faerie Cottage and Faerie so far. I actually did this back at the end of February beginning of March. For some reason I thought I should have it 100% complete before I shared it with anyone. But I'm looking at it differently now, maybe you will find it just as interesting to see it as a work in progress?

Here's a close up of my wild little faerie, she's a colorful little thing!

The roof comes off the little cottage so you can see inside her house. I have been adding embroidered embellishments, with much more planned. I'm picturing an entire felted, magical faerie forest. As things progress, I'll post more pictures.

Have a delightful and safe holiday weekend! Blessings Friends! Melissa


  1. I love it! Your fairy is super magical looking too. BTW, I spun your art batt this last FAF I will share the beautiful yarn I created.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  2. Lovely! How clever and creative. Cannot wait to see an update.

  3. I was right! All of your stuff is created by faeries!! ;-)

    They are wonderful :-)

  4. Aww, these are really sweet. I love the idea of having a whole fairy village.

    Your embellishments on the house are coming along nicely. Looking forward to seeing more.

    Unlike Wonder Why Gal, I have not used my goodies I bought from you at MI Fiber Fiesta. I did go thru my roving and found some other items I plan on working in. Hopefully, I will get to the drumcarder tomorrow.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!!

  5. Oh No, my secret is out! I have a work crew of hundreds of faeries. They like to be paid in sparkle fiber, glitter and shiny objects! lol

  6. Such a lovely fairy house, cheers Marie

  7. wow, this is so gorgeous! I love the little fairy!

  8. That cottage is amazing!
    I love the colour the shape and especially the top!


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