Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweet Shop! Yummy Phat Fiber Samples!

This months Phat Fiber samples (above) have made their journey to Phat HQ and I've happily listed some in my shop too. This months Phat Fiber theme was Sweet Shop and my contribution was inspired by the yummy childhood favorite, Pixy Stix, I carded up sparkling Sugga packed batts of glossy white alpaca, blended with loads of Silver Holographic and Aurora Crystalina Angelina, swirled with stripes of Berry Blue, Lemon Lime and Strawberry, Milk Protein Fiber and Grape Blast Merino/Tencel blend

The sample for my shop is slightly larger and includes all the flavors!

I've listed a full size Sugga-Sugga Spinners Candy, it also includes all the yummy flavors for a total of a little over 4 ounces of sparklin spinnin fun!

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, pop over and check out the thread on the groups Ravelry page, it will make you seriously hungry!

I've got tons of interesting projects going, I bet they all wind up at once and I wont know which one to post, stay tuned for my adventures in spinning chiengora, pictures here in the Ravelry group Spinnin' Chien if you want to investigate. I think you'll be surprised at the beautiful yarn pictures posted in the group! (Jan, you may have to join Ravelry after this post! teehe)

Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings Friends!


  1. Those batts are gorgeous!

    I love how you packaged them. I am so far behind on photography my items for Etsy. Argh!

    Good luck with your phat samples.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  2. They look yummy like cotton candy ready to consume.

  3. Fantastic!! I hope I get a sample in my box. If not I waaant oneee!

  4. I absolutely thought of pixy sticks when I saw them - well done!

    And you mean there's someone who's not on Ravelry? Yikes!

    Happy fiber arts Friday. :)

  5. Yes there is a hold out on Ravelry.
    Don't know why either???

  6. I thought of Smarties!

    Beautiful, sparkly ... like fairy batts!

  7. You're right. It does look good enough to eat! Love the packaging too.

  8. They look adorable! This month's box is going to be super "sweet," ha ha ha ha ha! :)


  9. Oh my! This wool looks delicious! I love your very creative and beautiful packaging.


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