Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Wonder Art Yarn Scarf

It's been a really creative week, I've been doing so much spinning and knitting, plus lots of other fiber related activities, which I always enjoy. On my list of things I wanted to get done were some scarves knitted with my hand spun art yarn. Those delicious thick yarns can really sparkle up a simple scarf.

It all started with this batt I blended up, Winter Wonder. Chuck full of super soft, creamy white and silver fibers, like angora, alpaca, mohair, wool, milk protein fiber and lamb locks. Providing tons of softness and sheen. For little wisps of color I added soft tones of my hand dyed, in blues, pinks and lilac. I also sprinkled in short lengths of some of my favorite novelty yarns, like Crystal Palace Stardust and Splash, they really gave the spin that jack frost touch. You can see the silvery splash dancing across the batt, looking very much like frost on a window pane. Plus shimmery Angelina for extra sparkle, like sunlight on an icicle.

I ended up spinning and plying four strands of wintery art yarn and plying them together with another Crystal Palace yarn, a super soft pure, beautiful white pom yarn, which I over wrapped with various styles of silver thread.
Above is a close up of the yarn.

This is one of my latest creations, the Winter Wonder art yarn scarf. I'm really happy with how it turned out! When I finished knitting this, I noticed that it wanted drape in soft swirls. I decided to really play that up by weaving through ribbons of tulle (love tulle, can't get enough of it!!!) which I hand dyed in pale turquoise. (I've been playing with dying lots of synthetic fibers lately!)

I added Winter Wonder fringe to the ends and included some more tulle, I really like the effect. You can sort of see in this close up, the Winter Wonder fringe is knotted on the ends, creating these chunky little snowballs. It reminds me of the little balls of snow and ice that clung to my wool mittens as a child.Remember how your mitts would just be caked with little snow balls when you finally dragged yourself in from playing in the snow? What I find interesting about this scarf is that while it has these little whimsical touches, it is also artsy and beautiful. As always, I really enjoyed the creative process, it's cool how sometimes things work out better than you could have imagined or visualized at the start.

I hope you are all enjoying the fresh start to the new month and the fresh layer of the first snow (first for us) crisp and clean as we wind down this last month of the year and gear up for the new year to come. Blessings Friends!


  1. That is GORGEOUS! You are so amazing! I wish I could have a spinning play day with you. I've tried Art Yarn a few times but...I draw blanks and the traditional side of me kicks in but you dig into your imagination and magic is produced.

    You inspire me to keep on trying.

  2. I wish I could even think like you do. Very creative yarn!

  3. That scarf is beautiful!!!!! What an inspiring post, thanks so much! I'm off to find some tulle ... ;)

  4. Wow! That is awesome!! You'll be an ice princess in it!

  5. It is absolutely beautiful. The pastels and sparkle really hit the mark.
    Love your work and admire your creativity.
    I remember those little snow balls on my mittens. Thanks.

  6. Yeah... floored every week by the coolness of your work. That scarf is beautiful. Great job.

  7. Melissa, Amazing as always. Your pictures look wonderful too. I love this scarf.

  8. I don't know if this was intended, but I really like how the yarn and scarf match your blog. Very icy and wintery... I have visions of ice skating faeries. :-)

  9. So very beautiful Melissa. Makes me think of a beautiful maiden in a frozen kingdom.

  10. Just beautiful. Love the colors. :-)

  11. Truly beautiful. I love the gentle colours.

  12. That turned out gorgeous!! I do a little spinning but have never tried making some of the fun art yarns. This is so very inspiring! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog the other day to and leaving such a nice comment :)


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