Thursday, October 7, 2010

A New Ditty Bag!

I have been fooling around with felting for awhile now, mostly regular old ordinary, knit it big, felt it till it's small. I've seen so many beautiful felted projects using both the nuno and wet felting techniques, I was excited to dive in! I first tried nuno felting...while both attempts did not work out how I envisioned, (in other words, the way it was suppose to) I absolutely loved the resulting felted noodles and wild fabric. I'm definitely percolating away, thinking up a project for them. In the mean time I saw some really great tutorials and I was able to see all the steps I needed to be successful in this project. I can see now that earlier tutorials I peeked in on were not as thorough in showing all the steps and tips. If you would like to check out the tutorials, you'll find them here at Felting Lessons. You wont be disappointed! I really, really want to get busy on the nuno felting, but I need to get some silk chiffon, the silk scarves I have are not quite gauzy enough. In the mean time, I played with wet felting. I just did a small test swatch to begin with, it started out 12x20 and felted down to about 6x16. Of course I wanted to make something with it right away! I put together this new ditty bag to hang on my wheel. I recycled the little crocheted pouch that holds the oil for my wheel and the crocheted posies too. I stitched the pouch in, tucked over to one side to keep the oil securely in an upright position, and you can see that I attached the posies to the bottom of the ditty bag.

I was pleased I was able to find a way to incorporate the old oil pouch. I crocheted it using some of my very first hand dyed, hand spun yarn. Of course I had to add some vintage mother of pearl buttons from the old button box! All and all I'm pleased with my first attempt at wet felting, those tutorials made all the difference. I have a lot of ideas for this medium and I can hardly wait to get rolling on them! If only there were more hours in the day!

Have a delightful weekend! Blessings friends!


  1. I love it!

    I blogged about felting for Fiber Arts Friday today...make sure to link in.

    I took three different felting classes/techniques/instructors at Fiber Fest this year. I'm totally inspired.

    I have to admit that the needle to wet felt hats are my favorite. I've made a couple of nuno felted shawls but I'm not sure if I'm feeling it...yet.

    I love the wheel pouch. I might have to try that.

  2. What a cute bag! I especially love all the buttons.

  3. This little pouch is supper cute and fits on the wheel perfectly.
    And AWAY you gooooo!

  4. Adorable bag... seems like it was meant to live on the wheel. I still haven't tried felting... or spinning. They are both on my list. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Melissa, awesome as always!! Really great work.

  6. love your little bag-great idea-I have some spinning friends they'd make great gifts for.

  7. This is only the second time I remember hearing the term Ditty Bag. My brother had one when he was a little tyke. I think the baby sitter give it the name.

    A Ditty Bag full of fiber tools is way more fun than a Ditty Bag full of diapers. :-)

  8. I really love your bag, that's gorgeous!!


  9. What a cute bag, and I love the idea of having a bag for the wheel and its supplies. Darling!

  10. Melissa, this bag is so sweet. I believe I saw it at spinning last time and meant to say how inspiring it was but got distracted by the subject of the moment. Your creativity knows no bounds.

  11. Great felted bag!! I especially love the boingy bits and the BUTTONS!!! XXO--
    (What a treat this is, to sit down tonight and go through each one of your posts. I hope it stays slow at work!!!) :)


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