Friday, September 17, 2010

UFO Round Up-Scarflet With Vintage Buttons

I'm so excited to be back working on my projects again!!! I decided that before I start a new project, I will round up my UFOs and finish them. I have four knitting projects, one crochet and one sewing project to complete. I'm happy to say that I completed two of my knitting, one of which may still receive some surface embellishment, so I'm not posting that one (felted tea cozy) yet. Plus I finished knitting and lining a satchel I was working on. I need to find/make a buckle for the strap, once I know the size of the buckle, I can whip up the strap and attach it! So though technically it's not done, the hardest part, lining it, is. I'm in the home stretch on this one, so I'm calling it 95% complete.

This little cutie is 100% complete! My Scarflet with Vintage Buttons. I love how this turned out, it's knitted with Mini Mochi in #102 Flame Rainbow, using size three needles. ( I always google the color number to see what the name of the yarn is. I wish they would print it on the label.) It's a cozy, soft merino blend which is perfect for snuggling around your neck to keep the chilled winds at bay

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One of the reasons I'm so excited about this project, aside from finishing it, is the BUTTONS! I was able to use some of my vintage buttons for the closure, and also for embellishment. I have a few little jars of buttons I magpied from the old button box when I was a kidlet. Thank goodness I was such a little button hound, when I was in my early twenties, my folks house caught fire and the gigantic button box was destroyed. As I was going through my closets and drawers when we were cleaning out the house, I kept coming across little baggies, old ring boxes and change purses stashed with pretty little buttons! I had completely forgotten about them, it was a nice surprise. I don't want to give you the impression that I have pounds of old buttons, it probably adds up to about a cups worth. But little Melissa had a good eye and chose some of the prettiest buttons! It was nice to be able to use some of them in this scarflet project.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Blessings Friends!


  1. It's beautiful and I love the buttons. When my mom left Dad, I thought she took all of the buttons because she took the sewing machine and everything else. It was just me and my dad and I never saw the buttons. After he died and I was cleaning out his house, guess what I found. Maybe it was his way of spite with her or maybe he had a hidden button fascination I didn't know about but...I found a 1970's green Tupperware container of old buttons. I have a hat I'm almost finished with that needs to find that bowl of buttons and pick out a gem.

  2. Those old buttons are hard to resist, I bet your dad had a secret button fascination! One of my older brothers loved sorting through the old button box too, thought he didn't stock pile secret stashes of them, squirrel like, around the house like little sis did. I'm glad you found your button inheritance!

  3. Beautiful pattern, would love to see it close up for detail.
    I have a ton of buttons down stairs that might have a few gems in there. I know most are as old or older than me. I am still looking for ideas to use my left over fiber exchange yarns (about two ounces worth).

  4. This is really beautiful. I love vintage additions. I have a whole box of buttons and "stuff" that I would like to start using. I like the colors you have chosen. Warm and bright. Just what you need in the winter.

  5. How did you make the button holes?
    Embroidery floss handstitched around them, or something intricate with those 'needle things' you use!! Giggle.


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